Rally at Canadian Consulate in NYC, AGAIN!

Tuesday, 2-22-22, 3pm We have demands! 2-21-22 Same day as RALLY IN DETROIT Same day as RALLY IN ATLANTA The brutality against the peaceful Canadian people is clearly a crime against humanity. Justin Trudeau has gone too far declaring war on his own people. One grandmother was trampled by an RCMP horse, hospitalized with a dislocatedContinue reading “Rally at Canadian Consulate in NYC, AGAIN!”

Convoy to Save America Goes To the Canadian Border This Weekend!!!

We Need Your support ConvoytoSaveAmerica.com 2-9-22 With our GO FUND ME shutdown we have no access to over $5,000 that our supporters have graciously given to us, please consider donating at our GIVE SEND GO. If you donated through GO FRAUD ME please go get a refund for your money and redirect that donation toContinue reading “Convoy to Save America Goes To the Canadian Border This Weekend!!!”

Convoy to Save America GO FUND ME SHUTDOWN!

Please donate to our GIVE SEND GO by Michael Kane 2-6-22 The GO FUND ME we promoted to support the Convoy to Save America has been SHUTDOWN! It was called the American Solidarity Convoy and it has been taken down by GO FUND ME. Check for yourself: https://www.gofundme.com/f/the-american-solidarity-convoy Please donate to our GIVE SEND GOContinue reading “Convoy to Save America GO FUND ME SHUTDOWN!”

FIRST PRESS CONFERENCE Canadian Freedom Convoy 2022

TORONTO STAR and CBC Banned from Press Conference! by Michael Kane 1-31-22 The lead organizers of the historic Ottawa Truck Freedom Convoy 2022 held their first press conference and explained why most MSM organizations were excluded from it. Spokesman Benjamin Dichter, who is a fully vaccinated trucker, explained it was CBC and Toronto Star thatContinue reading “FIRST PRESS CONFERENCE Canadian Freedom Convoy 2022”