Detroit Protest at Canadian Consulate 2-22-22

On the same day as our Rally at the Canadian Consulate in NYC, activists in Detroit and Atlanta are following suit. Below is info on DETROIT Rally:


Join us Tuesday 2/22 in Detroit for a rally in front of the Canadian embassy, located inside of the GM building, 600 Renaissance Center, Suite 1100, Detroit, MI 48243

Freedom convoys has gained momentum throughout Canada and the world in a bid to end all mandates not only in Canada but the US and throughout the world.

Detroit will be rallying to send a message to the Canadian Parliament, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Biden administration that the American people are done with mandates! We the people want the governments to open the borders so that families can finally reunite after 2 years of pandemic restrictions. 

Members of Families are Essential and For the Love of Family – Reunification for All along with local American citizens will be gathering to advocate for a end to the U.S. – CAN land border crossing vaccine mandates and testing requirements that have had a severe negative effect on our citizens, dual citizens and Binational families.

The current mandates have prevented family members on both sides of the border from being able to attend their childrens and grandchildrens graduations, sporting events and other important milestones. The mandates have obstructed family reunions, celebrations of birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and many important family matters and traditions, as well as hampered the ability for the elderly to be cared for by relatives living across the river or families to be together in a person’s final days. The mandates have also prevented a parent living in one country to witness and be a part of the birth of their own child being born to the parent in the other country. 
The mandates in place are now thwarting Citizens from crossing and returning to normal life, even when all requirements and legal exemptions have been met!

Enough is enough! End the pandemic measures of lockdowns, restrictions and masking so families can return to normal life, especially those in border states. We want our freedoms of mobility and freedoms of choice for the people of both the US & Canada. 

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