Rally at Canadian Consulate in NYC, AGAIN!

Tuesday, 2-22-22, 3pm

We have demands!




The brutality against the peaceful Canadian people is clearly a crime against humanity. Justin Trudeau has gone too far declaring war on his own people. One grandmother was trampled by an RCMP horse, hospitalized with a dislocated shoulder.

We will be protesting at Canadian Consulates across America tomorrow in support of our Canadian brothers and sisters who are fighting Draconian mandates and restrictions. We make the following Demands on Ottawa and Washington:

  1. We demand Ottawa stops the violence!

2. We demand Ottawa meet with the Canadian Truckers and their supporters.

3. We demand President Biden condemns Trudeau’s crimes against humanity.

4. Stop separating families at the border. End all vaccine / testing requirements to cross the northern border. End all vaccine passports. End all travel restrictions.

The World is watching!

AMERICANS – Send the above 4 demands to the Biden’s Whitehouse – https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/

…and then email them to the Canadian Consulate you are closet to. Here is the NYC Consulate email – ccs.scc@international.gc.ca

Find other consulate emails here: https://travel.gc.ca/assistance/embassies-consulates/united-states

NYC will rally at the Canadian Consulate in Manhattan on Tuesday 2-22-22 at 3pm, 466 Lexington Ave (cross St. 46th Ave.)

Rally’s happening across America in Detroit and Atlanta tomorrow as well. Those announcements coming soon.

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