ACTION ALERT – Stop the Vaccine Database Bill in NY


NY Take Action: Stop the mandatory database for adult vaccinations

     Albany wants your vaccine records, and the vaccine records of every adult in New York. Yesterday we asked you to take action Senate Bill S75a, introduced by State Sen. Brad Hoylman,  which would require recording every vaccine given to an adult in a New York State database. Today we ask that you take action on the identical bill in the Assembly, Assembly Bill A279a, introduced by Health Committee Chair Richard Gottfried.

     The bill sat in the legislature for years but began moving last session when it passed in both Health Committees. It was amended in the Rules Committees, the last stop before going to the floor for a vote. It is now back in the Health Committees for consideration of the amended version. 

     The amended version of the bill is not as bad as the original but is still unacceptable. The bill requires physicians and other healthcare providers to register in the state database every shot given. The original bill also eliminated patients’ right to refuse to have their data recorded. In the current version, a physician is not supposed to record the information IF a patient affirmatively tells the physician not to, but the physician is under no obligation to ask. 

     The database is an essential part of any system to force adults to get vaccines, and to make possible vaccine passports and systems of vaccine-based segregation. Precisely identifying noncompliant adults will be necessary for any tracking system. It is also an essential tool to achieve the growth goals of the global vaccine industry, which is based on expanding the adult market given the low growth prospects of the saturated infant and childhood markets. 

     The bill did not go forward in the last session because of concerns that the database could be used to identify and locate undocumented immigrants for enforcement action. In the hyper race conscious current environment in Albany none of the non-white members of the Assembly Health Committee voted for the bill. And immigration advocates expressed opposition to the database bill. As a consequence, another bill, S6541(Rivera)/A7326(Gottfried), was proposed to address the concerns about using the database to enforce immigration laws. Claims are made that S6541/A7326 will prevent the use of the database for immigration enforcement, but our attorneys have found no language in the bill that would prevent the Department of Health from providing information from the database to federal immigration authorities. Nor could a state law stop federal agencies from securing state data to enforce federal immigration laws. Federal law trumps state law. We believe S6541/A7326 is a ruse to placate advocates and members of the legislature to allow the database bill to move forward. When you make calls to legislators it is important to bring up the fact that the database could be used to locate undocumented immigrants and the bill that is supposed to take care of that problem s6541/A7326 simply does not do what is claimed. 

    Please click Oppose A279a to send email messages to the leadership of the Senate and to you own State Senator. 

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     Please call every member of the Senate Health Committee listed below. Call their District and Albany offices.  Politely let them know you oppose the bill for the reasons below. 

Here are some talking points you can use. 

  • What is the need? There are no required vaccines for general population adults. 
  • Violates every principle of medical privacy.
  • Violates physician’s duty of confidentiality.
  • Will be used to identify and punish people. It is Covid now, it will be other disorders in the future.
  • This is the first step to statewide vaccine passports
  • Opens the door to government demanding all medical records, psychiatric medicines, STDs, contraceptive use, etc.
  • This is taxpayer subsidized marketing for drug companies
  • Immigrant rights advocates concerned it will be used to track and locate undocumented people
  • This bill will disproportionately impact black and brown people who have the lowest rate of Covid vaccine uptake of any racial groups
  • S6541/A7326 will not prevent alleviate the concerns that the database can be used to locate people for immigration enforcement. 

Please call, tweet and comments on the social media of the following legislators: 

Carl Heastie, Speaker of the Assembly

(518) 455-3791, (718) 654-6539

Twitter: @carlheastie

And the members of the Assembly Health Committee:

Richard Gottfried, Chair of the Health Committee

(518) 455-4941, (212) 807-7900

Twitter: @dickgottfried

Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn: 518-455-5385, (718) 940-0428,

Twitter: @NYSBichotteHerm

Steven Cymbrowitz: (518) 455-5214, (718) 743-4078

Twitter: @cymbrowitz

Nader Sayegh: (518) 455-3662, (914) 779-8805

Twitter: @naderjsayegh

Karines Reyes, (518) 455-5102, (718) 931-2620

Twitter: @karinesreyes87

Michaelle Solages: 518-455-4465, (516) 599-2972

Twitter: @solagesny

Edward Braunstein: (518) 455-5425, (718) 357-3588

Twitter: @edbraunstein

Aileen Gunther: 518-455-5355, (845) 794-5807 and (845) 342-9304

Twitter: None

Kevin Cahill: (518) 455-4436, (845) 338-9610, Co-sponsor

Twitter: None

Sandy Galef: 518-455-5348, (914) 941-1111, Co-sponsor

Twitter: @SandyGalef

Amy Paulin: (518) 455-5585, (914) 723-1115. Co-sponsor

Twitter: @AmyPaulin

Linda Rosenthal: (518) 455-5802, (212) 873-6368, Co-Sponsor

No Twitter

No Facebook

Phil Steck: (518) 455-5931, (518) 377-0902, Co-sponsor

Twitter: @PhilSteck

Andrew Hevesi: (518) 455-4926, (718) 263-5595, Co-Sponsor

Twitter: @AndrewHevesi

Jeffrey Dinowitz: (518) 455-5965, (718) 796-5345, Co-Sponsor

Twitter; @JeffreyDinowitz

John McDonald III, (518) 455-4474,Co-Sponsor

Twitter: @johnmcdonald108

Daniel Rosenthal, (518) 455-4404, (718) 969-1508, Co-sponsor

Twitter: @DanRosenthalNYC

Tom Abinanti, (518) 455-5753, (914) 631-1605,

Twitter: @Tom Abinanti


Kevin Byrne: (518) 455-5783, (845) 278-2923

Twitter: @Byrne4NY

Marjorie Byrnes: (518) 455-5662, (585) 218-0038

Twitter; @Byrnes4Assembly

David McDonough: (518) 455-4633, (516) 409-2070,

Twitter: AssemblymanDGM

Jake Ashby, (518) 455-5777, (518) 272-6149,

Twitter: JakeCAshby

Josh Jensen, (518) 455-4664, (585) 225-4019,

Twitter: @JoshJensen134

John Salka, (518) 455-4807. (315) 361-4125,

Twitter: None

      Sen. Brad Hoylman the author of S75a, is  also the author of the bill that repealed the religious exemption from vaccine mandates to attend school. He also sponsored bills to mandate HPV and annual flu shots to attend school, and a bill that would require college students to get the Covid-19 vaccine. 

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