NY Come to Albany, Monday 5/16 Everything you need to know

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Last day to call your legislators and make an appointment for Monday.

We have them on the run!

New York, today is the last day to call your State Senator and Assemblymember to make an appointment to meet with them or their staff on Monday, May 16, the day of the They’re STILL Coming After Your Kids Rally. 

Call your Senator and Assembly Person Today and Monday – DO IT RIGHT NOW!

Find your STATE SENATOR’s phone number here – https://www.nysenate.gov/registration/nojs/form/start/find-my-senator

Find your STATE ASSEMBLY PERSON’s phone number here – https://nyassembly.gov/mem/search/

Find your lawmaker, call them, and tell them you can’t get inside of the Capitol to meet them because you don’t have a vaccine passport and won’t be getting an unnecessary covid test to enter the building.




There are only three weeks left in the legislative session, and we need to keep up the pressure on them so that they don’t pass any of dozens of bad bills.

Come to Albany May 16:

They Are STILL Coming After Your Kids Rally and Lobbying Day
Monday, May 16, 10:30 am

East Capitol Park

Eagle Street and State Street, Albany NY

Let’s make sure that none of the many bad vaccine bills get passed!

 Our opponents admit WE ARE WINNING!

All the work is paying off. The calls, the visits, the rallies. Perhaps you saw the article in the New York Times a couple of days ago, “Senator Brad Hoylman, who introduced the childhood Covid vaccine bill into the Senate last October, said his bill was such a hot potato it had not even been assigned a formal bill number. ‘Clearly an indication that it is not ready to be considered,’ he said. “Democratic lawmakers have introduced bills in both the Assembly and the Senate to do this, but acknowledge there is insufficient momentum to move forward.”

This is an excellent sign, but Hoylman lies all the time, and we need to keep pressing until the end of the legislative session on June 10 to make sure none of dozens of bad vaccine and public health bills get passed. 

What you need to do: 

They still require either proof of immunization or a negative PCR test less than 48 hours old to get into the Capitol or the Legislative Office Building. This is ridiculous.

Call the Governor’s office and comment on her social media asking her to reopen the Capitol and Legislative Office Building. Yankee Stadium is open, Broadway is open, what is the point of keeping the Capitol and Legislative Office Building closed?

Gov. Kathy Hochul

(518) 474-8390,  (212) 681-4580, Hochul only takes voice mail. Call anyway.

Fax (518) 474-1513

Email at governor.ny.gov


Twitter: @GovKathyHochul

Make appointments with your State Senator and Assemblymember or their staff.

If we can’t get into the buildings, ask if they would be willing to meet outdoors or in the Empire Plaza Concourse just outside both buildings.

Click here to send them emails requesting meetings:


Look up your State Assemblymember here:


Look up your State Senator here:


And please donatehere to help pay for the rally!

Directions to Albany and Parking Here:https://www.nyassembly.gov/directions/

Confirmed Speakers:

Abbey Ballard, Moms for Liberty

Dr. Joel Wallskog, MD, React 19 (covid-shot injured orthopedic surgeon)

Jennifer Jones and daughter Ryleigh, Young girl injured by Covid shot

Jo Speakstruth, NY Freedom Rally

John Gilmore, Autism Action Network

Kozi Wellness, fired NY Healthcare worker

Mary Holland, Esq., Children’s Health Defense

Michael Kane, NY Teachers for Choice

Mo Olivier, Educators for Choice

Nicole Pruett, NY Informed

Rabbi Zev Epstein

Rev. Dr. Aaron Lewis, Family Church

Rita Palma, My Kids, My Choice

Bobbie Anne Cox, Esq., Uniting NYS

Sophy Medina, Bravest for Choice

Stephanie Locricchio, Children’s Health Defense

Sujata Gibson, Esq., Children’s Health Defense

Trammell Thompson, Progressive Action

Tricia Lindsay, Esq.

There are many serious threats YOU must fight: 

  • End Gov. Hochul’s “State of Emergency”
  • End Gov. Hochul’s mask mandate for public places
  • End Gov. Hochul’s illegal mandates for healthcare workers. College students and others
  • Repeal Gov. Hochul’s “Public Health Gulag Regulation” she used to give herself the power to imprison indefinitely anyone suspected of having a communicable disease.
  • Assembly Bill A8398, Eliminates religious exemptions for work and college
  • Assembly Bill, A8378, Forced Covid shot mandates to attend school
  • Bill A279a/S75a, Forces all adult vaccine records into a state database
  • Bill A7829/S6495, Forced Covid shots for college
  • Bill A2240/S45, Forced flu shots to attend school and pre-school, daycare
  • Bill A3091/S3041, Eliminates parents’ consent to shots when a child reaches 14 years of age
  • Bill A822/S931, Eliminates parents’ right to consent to STD shots for children of any age
  • And more!!!

    Look in the mirror if you want to see who will stop these threats to you and your children. 

    Please share this message with friends and family, and please post to social networks while we still can.

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