Lee Zeldin Addresses 300 Educators, Workers and Medical Freedom Fighters

Calls for fired & banned workers to be rehired

by Michael Kane


Congressman Lee Zeldin who is seeking to be the next Governor of New York addressed 300 Educators and Medical Freedom advocates on a May 11 Zoom call. He called for the fired-and-banned workers of New York who refused covid vaccination to be brought back to their jobs with back-pay. There was a lot of support for Zeldin by the end of the call -especially from teachers and educators who have refused covid vaccination – after hearing the candidate speak for over an hour.

Zeldin stated that on day one as Governor he would bring back any state worker that was fired for declining covid vaccination. Governor Kathy Hochul fired all healthcare workers across the entire state who refused vaccination. Zeldin is committed to rescinding that executive order from Hochul as it is within the Governor’s power to do so. Zeldin fired multiple shots at Governor Hochul throughout the evening targeting her anti-choice positions in regard to vaccination.

For fired & banned NYC workers he made clear he could not take day-one immediate action as Governor to give people their jobs back. He stated that it would have to be taken on through “multiple levels of government.” There are basically 3 levels of government – executive, legislative and judicial. Precisely how this would be handled or solved through the various layers of government was not made clear by Zeldin

He was clear that he would oppose any covid vaccine mandate for children or adults, he would oppose forced masking of children or adults, and said mandatory testing was not necessary “at this time.” He stated that assuring there was accurate testing available for those who choose to get tested is a reasonable responsibility for government to fill. Zeldin would end all covid emergency measures immediately and would not bring them back, and blamed Hochul for using an imaginary crisis to strengthen her own power and control over New York.

He also said he would rescind covid vaccination requirements for SUNY and CUNY staff and students.

Zeldin was clear he supported bringing back the religious exemption to vaccination for children to attend school but said it would have to go through the legislature. However it is widely believed that the religious exemption to vaccination can not possibly be brought back through the legislative process to get to the Governor’s desk. There are some other ‘creative’ or non-traditional routes to bringing back the religious exemption, but nothing of this sort was mentioned. Zeldin also spoke optimistically about the issue being resolved through court cases trying to be heard by SCOTUS.

Zeldin was asked about an Informed Consent exemption to vaccination – guaranteeing the right for anyone to say NO to any medical procedure without any negative consequence (losing job, kicked out of school, etc…). The Congressman responded that he believed the right to refuse is enshrined in our nations highest legal document, The Constitution.

He also said that New York must recognize that people who have been infected with SARS CoV-2 and recovered have equal if not better protection from covid than vaccinated and boosted people.

Overall Zeldin was strong on freedom and choice for all medical procedures including vaccines. He was level headed, rational, reasonable and well-researched. He stated that the science shows cloth masks don’t work and forcing n95 masks on children was cruel and abusive.

This conversation was definitely encouraging. We need to continue discussions with Congressman Zeldin and his campaign to get his commitment to concrete actions he will take in his first 100 days as Governor, especially around getting the fired teachers and banned students back into their schools.

At the exact same time as this Zoom call was held, another call was held to talk to Congressman Tom Suozzi who is running in the Democratic Primary for Governor. Instead of 300 people there was approximately 30 people on that call.

4 thoughts on “Lee Zeldin Addresses 300 Educators, Workers and Medical Freedom Fighters

  1. I pray Democrats wake up and #walkaway as I did. I support Derrick Gibson because he is the strongest but will vote for a Patriot because I was an American Democrat.


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