PRESS RELEASE: Families are Essential calls for end to Covid quarantine policies in both U.S. and Canada


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     Families are Essential urges New York Gov. Kathy Hochul to reconsider her plan to appeal a State Supreme Court ruling that not only struck down the Governor’s forced quarantine regulation as unconstitutional, but also forbids her from enforcing the illegal regulation, following the CDC ending their Covid quarantine recommendations.

     Families are Essential is a binational group of families that have been separated by Canadian and American border mandates since March 2020. The group’s goal is a return to pre pandemic border policies. 

     Seventy-nine countries have ended ALL border mandates but both the U.S and Canada still maintain rules that keep families apart, sharply reduce border crossings, dramatically cut tourism and make normal cross border life impossible.

On Wednesday, 17 governors wrote to President Biden:

     “As COVID-19 vaccination rates remain high and hospitalization levels remain manageable, continuing your international travel vaccine mandates becomes indefensible,” the governors wrote to Biden. “The rest of the world is moving on from the COVID-19 pandemic and returning to normal. It is time for your Administration to do the same.”

    The governors called out Biden for his hypocrisy in imposing stringent rules affecting Canada with one of the world’s highest vaccination rates while allowing anyone to just walk across the southern border with no vaccines and no tests.

     Families are Essential Implores Gov. Hochul to join the governors in calling for the end to all mandates for border crossings. New York State border communities have long enjoyed strong relationships with their Canadian neighbors. The continued mandates have had a negative effect on the state’s economy as well as causing untold hardship and heartache for millions of separated families.

     The group also urges the Canadian government to end their quarantine, random testing, vaccine and ArriveCan rules.

    Many Canadian citizens crossing Canadian land borders have refused to use the ArriveCan App which they argue is discriminatory and unnecessary. 

    Area Canadian border mayors and Peace Bridge Commissioners have urged the Trudeau government to end the App because they all believe it has led many Americans to change their traditional travel patterns and refuse to cross into Canada. Area international bridge traffic is down by 50%.

     Canadian border officers and public health officials have ordered fully vaccinated Canadians who did not have the ArriveCan App to quarantine for 14 days.

     In one celebrated case Niagara region senior Jo Walsh was videotaped last month trying to return home to Canada without the App. She is fully vaccinated and was ordered to quarantine for 14 days.

    “How does having an App on my non-existent smart phone or computer make me or this country safer?” she said. “These orders to quarantine are punishment pure and simple.”

On Saturday, August 13, a group of Canadians including Walsh will gather at the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls and walk across the bridge at 1 pm. When they return to Canada, they will again refuse to use the ArriveCan App.   

For more information:

Marcella Picone: 716-400-5581

Deborah Williams: 716-220-6467

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