Teachers for Choice Endorses Monica Martinez and Maud Maron in the August 23 Democratic Primary

Maud Maron’s website – https://maudmaron.com/

Monica Martinez’s website – https://monicaforsenate.com/


NY Teachers for Choice endorses Monica Martinez for NY State Senate and Maud Maron for Congress in the August 23rd Democratic Primary!

Teachers for Choice (TFC) is 100% opposed to medical mandates to maintain employment. In addition we fully support the right of parents to make all medical decisions for their children with no penalties. We believe both of these candidates share those ideals and have a track record to prove it.

Monica Martinez is running for State Senate in Long Island’s Senate District 4. She was one of the few Democrats on June 13, 2019 to vote NO on repealing the religious exemption to vaccination for children. This is a major litmus test for New York Medical Freedom Fighters, far more important than political party. Martinez’s opponent Phil Ramos voted YES to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination as an assemblyman, kicking 26,000 children out of all public and private schools in the state of New York. TFC could never support Ramos in any fashion.

Maud Maron is running for Congress in Manhattan’s Congressional District 10. She is 100% opposed to medical mandates. I have spoken to multiple NYC Medical Freedom Fighters who tell me she’s the real deal – a regular mom looking for sanity in an insane city. NY1 recently sponsored a debate for District 10 candidates but chose to exclude Maron, even breaking their own rules to make sure she was removed! Every single one of her opponents supports forced covid vaccination of students and adults. Maron stands alone as the single candidate for sanity in her district. She was recently interviewed by Kim Iversen in an excellent interview every New Yorker needs to watch.

These two women are far and away the best candidates for Medical Freedom in their respective primary races. If you are a registered Democrat in Manhattan’s Congressional District 10 you need to vote for Maud Maron. If you are a registered Democrat in Long Island’s State Senate District 4 you need to vote for Monica Martinez.

4 thoughts on “Teachers for Choice Endorses Monica Martinez and Maud Maron in the August 23 Democratic Primary

    1. The choice in the primary is MARTINEZ or RAMOS.

      MARTINEZ voted to PROTECT the religious exemption to vaccination on June 13, 2019,

      RAMOS voted to REPEAL it.

      This is a simple choice

      This is ONLY A PRIMARY ELECTION ENDORSEMENT. We don’t know who we will endorse in the General Election yet.


  1. I’m sorry, but if you are going to support DEMOCRATS the party responsible for putting us into this position in the first place, you are hopeless. If you really think these candidates will be “good” Democrats, you are naive beyond repair. After ALL we’ve been through. You no longer have my support.


    1. It appears you don’t know how primary elections work.

      In the DEMOCRATIC Primary ONLY Democrats can run and be voted for. No other party runs in their primary.

      These two candidates have clearly shown they support Medical Freedom. In addition, in Manhattan’s 10th District whoever wins the Dem Primary wins the general election. That’s just a mathematical fact, and Maud is very aware of this. I can say for sure Maud is 100% pro-Medical Freedom. She is an NYC Mom who fought to keep NYC schools open when they were closed.

      Politics and elections are more complicated than “VOTE RED” You need to pay attention to the nuance


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