The Bobby Burn!

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in Boston on April 19, 2023


#Kennedy24 #Kennedy2024

by Michael Kane


This Wednesday was certainly a historic day that made clear Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a formidable candidate for President of the United States of America. Prior to April 19, I did not think Kennedy had a real chance of becoming our next President.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t the amazing speech delivered by Kennedy that day which first gave me the hope that he could become the next President, but rather it was when I listened to the RFK Jr. Podcast where Kennedy interviewed Scott Ritter, former UN Weapons Inspector, while driving up to Boston from New York early Wednesday morning.

The interview went from the war in Ukraine, to Saudi Arabia and the Shia Crescent, to China and the beginning of the end of the petrodollar. The gist of the interview is that we are moving away from the days of the USA being the only super power on earth to a multi-polar reality where a China-Russia alliance is moving many nations away from the United States. For years China has been making friends all around the world by building universities, bridges, hospitals, infrastructure etc… forging real friendships with other nations. Kennedy said this was precisely what his uncle did around the globe when he was President.

After hearing the entire podcast interview I wondered: In this new international reality, what better way to rebrand America away from “big stick” aggressive foreign policy than with a President Bobby Kennedy brokering peace-deals around the world! Building friendships instead of using threats of war to coerce nations to do America’s bidding.

I’ve been hearing about the fall of the petrodollar for 2 decades – but now it’s finally arrived. Brazil is now trading it’s oil in the yuan (Chinese currency). When Libya made similar threats over a decade ago to trade their oil in a new gold-backed currency, Hillary Clinton made sure the US assassinated Gaddafi and destroyed the entire Libyan nation! Clinton famously bragged about the assassination saying, “We came, we saw, he died,” with a huge smile and laugh to follow.

But are such heavy-handed tactics possible now in 2023?

Against Brazil?

Against Saudi Arabia?? or China???

No; it appears the scales have permanently tipped against US world dominance.

I believe there must be a number of American billionaires who see US recognition of the multi-polar reality as critical to maintaining their own fortunes. Of course not all American money interests will see this. Certainly the Neocons are hell bent on ruling through military, murder and strength. But now that America has effectively lost Saudi Arabia it seems painfully clear the deviously-named “American Century” started by Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz et al. after 9-11 is now ending in a mere 2 decades!

This is a remarkably unique political reality that leans in favor of Kennedy and his political platform for President.

Listen to Kennedy’s interview of Scott Ritter for all the critical details here:


I showed up in Boston and began to chat with many people about this podcast. Kennedy mentioned many of the important points raised during his interview with Ritter. By the conclusion of Kennedy’s nearly 2 hour speech I was fully convinced he could truly be our next President. Everyone there knew they were witnessing history in the making. It was palpable. My absolute favorite line from Kennedy’s speech was when he stated Democrats need to be more than “Neocons with woke bobbleheads.”

I think I caught the “Bobby Burn” (or “bern” as it were).

To me it is clear Joe Biden couldn’t last 10 minutes on a debate stage with Kennedy. The only option I believe will be for Biden to say as the incumbent President he has no need to debate. But will it really be possible for Biden to win the 2023 Democratic Primary without getting on stage to faceoff against Bobby Kennedy? He can’t hide in his basement like he did in 2020 against Trump in the days of covid.

Kennedy will be a significant force in this presidential race for the next 18 months no matter what happens. Watch his full speech announcing his candidacy in Boston here:

Professional full recording:

REUTERS Livestream:

Full Transcript of Speech (RFK and all speakers)

My NY Peeps!

I was really excited to have two of my favorite New York Freedom Fighters on stage behind Kennedy as he made his historic speech; my attorney Sujata Gibson and NYC Bravest for Choice Fire Fighter Sophy Medina (who took the picture at the top of this report). So many great New Yorkers were in the audience with me like John Gilmore, Tony Lyons, Rita Palma, Curtis Cost, Nwakaego Nwaifejokwu, Kevin Nathaniel, Kozi, Carla and her son Jay, Leland Lehrman, Debra Sheldon, Kristin Buckbee, Andrew & Jeanine Pek, Jeffrey Rose, Mary Holland (who is helping to run Kennedy’s campaign now), and many many more I am forgetting or did not run in to. So many great Americans were in the room (Jeffrey Tucker, Rolf Hazlehurst, Laura Bono – and too many to name here!)

The year ahead of us is going to be one hell of a run!

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