Mulgrew Addresses 20,000 UFT Members on September 2021 School Re-Opening

by Michael Kane COVID Testing Forced Vaccination Listen to entire town hall HERE 8-3-21 Today’s phone call from UFT President Michael Mulgrew was a mixed bag, but we did find out many important pieces of information. Here is the info at a glance: COVID testing for children cannot be required in-school since NYC is notContinue reading “Mulgrew Addresses 20,000 UFT Members on September 2021 School Re-Opening”


8-3-2 New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) – the largest Teachers Union in New York – has just reaffirmed their opposition to vaccine mandates for educators. TEACHERS FOR CHOICE greatly thanks NYSUT President Andy Pallotta for sticking to his word. We reported back in June that Pallotta and NYSUT were opposed to any vaccine mandateContinue reading “NYSUT Reaffirms They OPPOSE VACCINE MANDATES for EDUCATORS!!!”


8-2-21 The following letter was sent to United Federation of Teachers (UFT) President Michael Mulgrew with Randi Weingarten and Andy Pallotta cc’d on August 2, 2021: To the Honorable Michael Mulgrew; Below please find the demands from the Teachers for Choice Union caucus as regarding the weekly testing requirement in New York City Public Schools.Continue reading “TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Demands for NYC UFT COVID Testing Option”

New York Unions For Choice!

Planning Protest at City Hall & Federal Building in NYC NY Union Solidarity Against Vaccine Mandates This is a call to all of our union brothers & sisters throughout New York State to contact TEACHERS FOR CHOICE immediately if you are ready to plan the largest union protest in New York City history! We want all NewContinue reading “New York Unions For Choice!”

Michael Kane Interviewed by NBC’s Michael Gargiulo

Thank you so much to NBC Universal Executive Producer Melissa Mack and NBC Reporter Michael Gargiulo for interviewing me on THE DEBRIEF. Greatly appreciate them giving me over 7 minutes of air-time to allow their audience to hear the perspective of TEACHERS FOR CHOICE. – mk You can view or listen to this podcast onContinue reading “Michael Kane Interviewed by NBC’s Michael Gargiulo”

Organized Labor in New York Opposes COVID Vaccine Mandates

by Michael Kane 7-28-21 (updated 8-1-21) Organized labor in NYC is 100% against vaccine mandates to keep our jobs. Now the lame-duck mayor Bill De Blasio is implementing a policy designed to coerce all city employees to get the COVID vaccine without going through collective bargaining. TEACHERS FOR CHOICE is planning legal action. Here isContinue reading “Organized Labor in New York Opposes COVID Vaccine Mandates”


I want to thank Jill Jorgenson from NY1 for including TEACHERS FOR CHOICE in her most recent report on De Blasio’s new vaccine and testing mandate for city school workers. Our steering committee member Garrett Ramirez is interviewed stating in a democracy he does not believe anyhone has the right to force things into people’sContinue reading “TEACHERS FOR CHOICE on NY1”

COVID PCR Tests Recalled by FDA?

Only One Test Recalled – Dozens Remain Dr. James Lyons-Weiler Confirms this Analysis by Michael Kane 7-25-21 UPDATE – Within one hour of sending an email to Dr. James Lyons-Weiler asking him to confirm my below analysis he responded. Dr. Weiler’s full email response is included below: On July 21, 2021, the FDA announced aContinue reading “COVID PCR Tests Recalled by FDA?”

Are Urban School Systems Giving Away Staff and Students DNA?

NYC & Philadelphia by Michael Kane 7-23-21 In both New York City and Philadelphia the public school systems signed contracts for in-school COVID testing with laboratories that ‘coincidentally’ own large proprietary catalogues of DNA specimens. In NYC the contracted laboratory is Fulgent Genetics. Through the courts and freedom of information requests, we were able toContinue reading “Are Urban School Systems Giving Away Staff and Students DNA?”

Neal Follman Responds to Philly Firing

7-22-21 TEACHER FOR CHOICE followers know that Philadelphia public school teacher Neal Follman was fired for refusing to sign the in-school COVID testing consent form at his job. Below we are publishing Follman’s epic 16-page rebuttal to Philadelphia’s Labor Relations Department on why he disagrees with his termination. This is the longest report we haveContinue reading “Neal Follman Responds to Philly Firing”