NYC Public Advocate Lodge Official Complaint on In-School COVID Testing

Thank you Jumaane Williams!

Please thank Williams yourself by emailing his office a quick THANK YOU for lodging our complaint. See bottom of report for all email info.


Today the NYC Public Advocate Office reached out to Michael Kane to discuss his concerns with in-school COVID testing and whether teacher and student DNA will be harvested for the private profit of capitalist Biotech company Fulgent Genetics.

Karen Jones lodged the official complaint within the public advocate’s office. The complaint was filed over the phone today at approximately 1pm.

NY Teachers For Choice (NYTFC) would like to thank Williams and his office for taking our concerns seriously and functioning the way NYC government is supposed to – we can’t say the same for any other political office in the entire city at this moment in time.

Kane submitted an electronic complaint at the public advocates website weeks ago and never heard back. However he called Williams office on Friday October 9th – in the middle of the first ever NYTFC Action Alert – and left a detailed message. It was good to see a prompt response coming immediately following the extended weekend.

NYTFC would like to thank YOU, and EVERYONE who completed our action from Thursday October 8th and over the weekend (people are still completing that action this week, and you can still complete it at the following link:)

There have been many signs that our action which started Thursday October 8th and ran through the weekend has had a major impact. This is just one of many indications. Please email Jumaane Williams office and thank him for lodging our complaint – and let him know you will be regularly checking where you expect to see updates on his follow through with the complaint. Williams is expected to be running for mayor this Spring, so he will certainly be paying very close attention to all NYC residents concerns.

Here is a sample email you can copy and paste, and send to him (and cc everyone we emailed over the weekend as well).

Copy and paste all of the following emails:,,,,,


Dear Public Advocate

Thank you so much for lodging an official complaint regarding in-school COVID testing. I am very concerned that the company NYC has contracted to do the testing – Fulgent Genetics – will be cataloguing DNA samples without explicit informed consent. Fulgent does in fact own a proprietary library of genetic information, and to date, no one has answered the question if they will be harvesting DNA samples from the NYC in-school COVID testing they are performing.

I also have other concerns surrounding in-school testing, which include ____________ (add your concerns, as there are many).

Thank you again, and know that I will be visiting regularly to read updates on the progress your office is making with this complaint


Name, Borough, contact info, etc…


NY Teachers For Choice

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