NO FORCED VACCINATION! 9-13-21, 4pm Del Bigree of will be speaking at TEACHERS FOR CHOICE protest at Foley Square in NYC, Monday, 9-13-21, 4pm. Bigtree is a controversial figure, but don’t believe the misinfo spread about him. He’s been fighting for our rights to medical freedom before most of us knew we needed toContinue reading “DEL BIGTREE Speaking at NYC FOLEY SQUARE PROTEST!”

Adams and Wiley are 1st and 2nd Place in NYC Mayor Rank Choice

6-24-21 TEACHERS FOR CHOICE (TfC) is happy to see two of our choices for NYC mayor end up in the top two – Eric Adams is in first place and Maya Wiley is in second. We are even far more thrilled to see Mr. “I love vaccine passports” Andrew Yang concede defeat and Mr. “Yes,Continue reading “Adams and Wiley are 1st and 2nd Place in NYC Mayor Rank Choice”

Philly Teacher FIRED For Refusing In-School COVID Test

by Michael Kane 6-17-21 Hours after I posted about Philly Teacher Neal Follman yesterday, who refused to sign the in-school COVID consent form, I found out he was officially fired by the Philadelphia Board of Education. Neal is currently looking for work this week in the restaurant industry in Pennsylvania. He told me last weekContinue reading “Philly Teacher FIRED For Refusing In-School COVID Test”

YOUTUBE CENSORS Teachers For Choice Protest

6-14-21 YouTube has struck down the full video of the TEACHERS FOR CHOICE (TfC) protest on June 12, 2021 in front of United Federation of Teachers (UFT) headquarters. It got pulled down in less than 48 hours! The protest featured 11-year-old Jenna Miller who was kicked out of school on June 8th for refusing toContinue reading “YOUTUBE CENSORS Teachers For Choice Protest”


A Few Corrections We greatly appreciate the NY POST coverage of our protest in front of the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) headquarters at 52 Broadway on June 12, 2021. However there were a few errors in their reporting we would like to correct: The NY POST reported TfC founder Michael Kane as saying theContinue reading “TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Protest Covered in NY POST”

Explaining How To STOP COPE Payments to NY Teacher Unions

5-21-21 TEACHERS FOR CHOICE has launched our STOP COPE campaign. This is where we call on all New York Educators, from all teacher unions, to stop paying the political action COPE money to their unions, and instead redirect that money to the Health Freedom Defense Fund for New York Educators to prepare for lawsuits andContinue reading “Explaining How To STOP COPE Payments to NY Teacher Unions”

NYC Mayoral Race and COVID Vaccination

TEACHERS FOR CHOICE is having an impact on the narrative by Michael Kane 5-14-21 Not one Democratic candidate for mayor raised their hand to indicate they would require NYC public school teachers and staff to get the COVID vaccine to keep their jobs, according to the NY POST. It isn’t UFT leadership that stopped thoseContinue reading “NYC Mayoral Race and COVID Vaccination”

TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Completely Disavows Stephanie Denaro’s Racist Comments and Actions

From TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Steering Committee 3-24-21 NY Teachers For Choice completely disavows the racist statements and disrespectful actions apparently made by Stephanie Denaro in a video of her at Starbucks that has recently gone viral. The disgustingly racist comments and offensive behavior of Denaro is nothing that TEACHERS FOR CHOICE supports. No one onContinue reading “TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Completely Disavows Stephanie Denaro’s Racist Comments and Actions”

NY Educators WILL STOP Paying Union Dues in March

We didn’t forget… by Michael Kane 3-5-21 For about 3 months TEACHERS FOR CHOICE has been saying if our 7 Demands of New York Teacher Unions are not met, we will stop paying union dues starting March 1st. Today is March 5th, and our demands have not been met. We were not, and are not,Continue reading “NY Educators WILL STOP Paying Union Dues in March”