Kane Invites Mike Mulgrew to CHD TV Interview and Steps of City Hall

SUBJECT: Invitations to Mike Mulgrew from Michael Kane SENT 10-5-22, 5:24 am SENT TO: Michael Mulgrew <mmulgrew@uft.org>,LeRoy Barr <lbarr@uft.org>,Michael Sill <msill@uft.org>,dpenny@uft.org,tbrown@uft.org,kalford@uft.org,mginese@uft.org,agoldman@uft.org,lgordon@uft.org,Janella Hinds <jhinds@uft.org>,rmantell@uft.org,mvaccaro@uft.org,“Randi Weingarten, Office of the President” <rweingar@aft.org> CC: Entire Teachers for Choice Steering Committee EMAIL BELOW: Good morning Mr. Mulgrew. Yesterday I had a very productive, professional live interview with Randi Weingarten regardingContinue reading “Kane Invites Mike Mulgrew to CHD TV Interview and Steps of City Hall”

A BAD DAY for Eric Adams and his Vaccine Policy

The Mayor’s Multi-Million Dollar Problem by Michael Kane 9-21-22 NYC Mayor Eric Adams took shots from Kyrie Irving, Labor Leader Tramell Thompson and recently fired teacher Rachelle Garcia yesterday. Garcia would only call the mayor “Eric” on national news because, according to Garcia, “he is not my mayor.” This was all in response to AdamsContinue reading “A BAD DAY for Eric Adams and his Vaccine Policy”

BREAKING: KANE v DE BLASIO Appeals to 2nd Circuit Court!

ADF Joins as Co-Counsel! from Michael Kane 8-30-22 Judge Naomi Buchwald, whose last public financial disclosure showed she owned up to $250,000 in Pfizer stock, dismissed Kane v. de Blasio with prejudice from the Southern District Court. That is now a final decision in the lower court. In light of this, our attorneys filed anContinue reading “BREAKING: KANE v DE BLASIO Appeals to 2nd Circuit Court!”

Naomi Wolf Interviews Michael Kane for DailyClout.io

7-12-22 What an honor to be interviewed by the amazing Naomi Wolf, founder of DailyClout.io and author of the new book THE BODIES OF OTHERS. Before Naomi’s book release party in Brooklyn he was kind enough to invite me on the Crown Goose in Park Slope, a boat from the 1940’s overlooking the water andContinue reading “Naomi Wolf Interviews Michael Kane for DailyClout.io”

De Blasio Gave Away Student DNA to Lab Linked to Chinese Gov – FULGENT GENETICS

TEACHERS FOR CHOICE 100% Vindicated in our first lawsuit by Michael Kane 12-10-21 If someone told you the mayor of New York City forced all school staff and students to give their DNA specimens to a laboratory with links to the Chinese government, you would think it was the plot of a bad B-movie. UnfortunatelyContinue reading “De Blasio Gave Away Student DNA to Lab Linked to Chinese Gov – FULGENT GENETICS”

SHOE DROP at UFT Headquarters

EDUCATORS WE NEED TO SUPPORT THESE PARENTS!!! Thursday, Dec 9th, 11 am UFT Headquarters 52 Broadway, Manhattan NYC Parents are going to UFT to “drop” the shoes of students who will be leaving NYC Schools if a COVID vaccine mandate happens

Injunction Denied in KANE vs DE BLASIO

Looking at Possible Appeal by Michael Kane 10-12-21 The injunction we sought in federal court to stop the covid vaccine mandate for NYC teachers was denied by Judge Valerie Caproni today. We are now watching very closely the case of health care workers to be heard in the 2nd circuit court this Thursday October 14th.Continue reading “Injunction Denied in KANE vs DE BLASIO”

Mulgrew Addresses 20,000 UFT Members on September 2021 School Re-Opening

***Come to NY UNIONS FOR CHOICE PROTEST 8-25-21 learn more HERE*** by Michael Kane COVID Testing Forced Vaccination Listen to entire town hall HERE 8-3-21 Today’s phone call from UFT President Michael Mulgrew was a mixed bag, but we did find out many important pieces of information. Here is the info at a glance: COVIDContinue reading “Mulgrew Addresses 20,000 UFT Members on September 2021 School Re-Opening”


8-2-21 The following letter was sent to United Federation of Teachers (UFT) President Michael Mulgrew with Randi Weingarten and Andy Pallotta cc’d on August 2, 2021: To the Honorable Michael Mulgrew; Below please find the demands from the Teachers for Choice Union caucus as regarding the weekly testing requirement in New York City Public Schools.Continue reading “TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Demands for NYC UFT COVID Testing Option”