Mulgrew Says All NYC Teachers Must Get COVID Vaccine

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United Federation of Teachers (UFT) President Michael Mulgrew stated in a UFT virtual Town Hall meeting yesterday that the COVID vaccine would be mandatory for all NYC teachers by September of 2021. This is according to multiple teachers who attended the meeting. However one person attending the meeting said she did not hear Mulgrew specifically state that date.

This falls right in line with comments from Mulgrew’s “boss,” President of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Randi Weingarten, who has already stated she supports all in-person teachers being forced to inject the COVID vaccine across the entire nation. Weingarten has been named as one of the top possible candidates for Secretary of Education under Biden.

If teachers are forced to inject the COVID vaccine by September of 2021, that would mean the product was only tested for less than 2 years! By any measure, such a vaccine would still be experimental no matter what the FDA pretends to state: vaccines take 5, 10, 20, 30 years to develop, not 2.

So Mike Mulgrew – who will not be required to take the COVID vaccine to keep his job as Union Boss – seems to have no problem offering up 100,000+ UFT members as guinea pigs for an experimental product whose long term adverse effects will not be known at the time we are forced to inject the product to keep our jobs.

Please email Mulgrew and ask him to clarify his position in writing:

New York Teachers For Choice will be following this very carefully. Please check in with us at this blog and on our social media pages for more info coming very soon.

4 thoughts on “Mulgrew Says All NYC Teachers Must Get COVID Vaccine

  1. I will NOT be getting this and this is illegal and unconstitutional and complete medical dictatorship! I’m sick to my stomach that this would ever be put out there for a “virus” with a 99% rate of survival!

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  2. As the pandemic has exposed millions to the virus most with no or mild symptoms as confirmed by tests, presumably all these have natural immunity, so why should they take a vaccine? They are already immune.

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