Accusations of Psychosis for Freedom

New York Teacher undergoes forced exam; accused of being psychotic for her beliefs on medical mandates. Teachers for Choice Exclusive Teachers for Choice kindly asks for everyone’s prayers for Noelle Florio. Who knows which one of us will be the next to be labeled with a false diagnosis of “psychosis” for defending Medical Freedom. 3-17-23Continue reading “Accusations of Psychosis for Freedom”

CHD Calls for Congressional Investigation After New York City Places ‘Problem Codes’ in Files of Unvaccinated Teachers

by The Defender Staff Read Full DEFENDER Report HERE 3-1-22 Children’s Health Defense (CHD) today called for a bipartisan congressional investigation into the secret “problem codes” New York City officials placed into the files of educators who lawfully declined COVID-19 vaccines. The city’s “unwillingness to be transparent about how and when these codes are used and underContinue reading “CHD Calls for Congressional Investigation After New York City Places ‘Problem Codes’ in Files of Unvaccinated Teachers”

Michael Kane Calls for NYC Investigation into Teacher FBI Fingerprints Scandal on National News

Correction 2-15-23: NYC Educators who declined covid vaccination did NOT have their “fingerprints sent to the FBI” but rather had a “flag sent to the FBI” on their fingerprints that indicate a problem with that individual. All NYC DOE employees are required to be fingerprinted before employed and I am told the fingerprints are sentContinue reading “Michael Kane Calls for NYC Investigation into Teacher FBI Fingerprints Scandal on National News”

ACTION ALERT! – Support NYC Bills to Protect Workers and Students!

STOP Dangerous Mandates from Ever Happening in NYC Again! Vickie Paladino Submits Bills in City Council that Need Our Support *** Complete action to contact City Council Members here: *** Now that Eric Adams has “ended” the vaccine mandate in NYC, we need to make sure this NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN! That is what VickieContinue reading “ACTION ALERT! – Support NYC Bills to Protect Workers and Students!”

NYC Mayor Eric Adams “ends” Vaccine Mandate

And RAGE AGAINST THE WAR MACHINE! Feb 19, Washington DC Michael Kane interviews Sophy Medina and Brendan Fogarty, firefighters with as well as John Deluca of After that interview Kane speaks to Angela McArdle, the National Chair of the Libertarian Party to discuss RAGE AGAINST THE WAR MACHINE in Washington DC on FebruaryContinue reading “NYC Mayor Eric Adams “ends” Vaccine Mandate”

KANE / KEIL / NYFRL Apply for Emergency Injunction in SCOTUS

by Michael Kane 11-3-22 The KANE / KEIL / NYFRL cases applied for an emergency injunction with the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) today. These cases all challenge NYC’s religious exemption to vaccination policy as being illegal and unconstitutional, and seek to return all unvaccinated NYC employees back to their jobs. Our attorneysContinue reading “KANE / KEIL / NYFRL Apply for Emergency Injunction in SCOTUS”

No One in NYC Has Gotten Their Job Back

NYC Vaccine Mandate is STILL IN EFFECT for ALL CITY WORKERS by Michael Kane 10-30-22 Despite a phenomenal ruling from Judge Porzio to reinstate fired city workers who declined covid vaccination, not one NYC employee has returned to their job due to this ruling. NYC immediately appealed the decision which has frozen it’s impact. TheContinue reading “No One in NYC Has Gotten Their Job Back”

NYC Teacher Rachelle Garcia on NEWSMAX

AMAZING 10 MINUTE INTERVIEW ON NYC VACCINE MANDATES! by Michael Kane 10-26-22 I have been interviewed and booking interviews of NYC Medical Freedom Fighters for almost 2 years. I have never seen one of our people interviewed for nearly 10 minutes on a national news platform like NEWSMAX. Until today with Rachelle Garcia. Rachelle GarciaContinue reading “NYC Teacher Rachelle Garcia on NEWSMAX”

BIOMETRICS Arriving in New York Schools

by Michael Kane 10-22-22 I warned everyone about this more than a year ago when I wrote Biometrics Coming to a New York School Near You in August of 2021. The rollout has now begun, in the info-gathering stages. Before providing all details and sources, I encourage everyone to email a public comment to <> andContinue reading “BIOMETRICS Arriving in New York Schools”

Why isn’t my union defending me?

A Letter to Michael Mulgrew, NYC Teacher Union Boss Below is a letter written by fired NYC Teacher Robert Gladding and sent on October 11, 2022 to the President of the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) in NYC, Michael Mulgrew. I have asked Mulgrew to come on my show at CHD.TV as well as toContinue reading “Why isn’t my union defending me?”