Kane v. de Blasio in the NY Times!

Why Judges Keep Recusing Themselves From a N.Y.C. Vaccine Mandate Case The city’s teachers, who sued over vaccine requirements, said the judges assigned to the case owned thousands of dollars of Covid-19 vaccine-maker stock, which could affect their rulings.

A Glimpse Inside of the Citywide Panel’s Black Box

We see what goes in the box, we see what comes out of the box, but not what happens IN the box! Until now Critical in-depth analysis of the 7-hour deposition Religious Exemptions to Vaccination in NYC from EDUCATORS for FREEDOM 6-7-22 There are 2 major cases filed by NYC workers fired for declining covidContinue reading “A Glimpse Inside of the Citywide Panel’s Black Box”

May 16 Rally in Albany NY Against Medical Mandates

5-17-22 by Michael Kane Hundreds of people rallied in Albany, NY against mandates on May 16, 2022 led by the voices of Dr. Harvey Risch of Yale University and Dr. Paul Alexander of the Unity Project. You can watch both these titans of science give their speeches on CHD.TV at the following link: https://live.childrenshealthdefense.org/shows/good-morning-chd/I0MpFMaTtp AfterContinue reading “May 16 Rally in Albany NY Against Medical Mandates”

Lee Zeldin Addresses 300 Educators, Workers and Medical Freedom Fighters

Calls for fired & banned workers to be rehired by Michael Kane 5-12-22 Congressman Lee Zeldin who is seeking to be the next Governor of New York addressed 300 Educators and Medical Freedom advocates on a May 11 Zoom call. He called for the fired-and-banned workers of New York who refused covid vaccination to beContinue reading “Lee Zeldin Addresses 300 Educators, Workers and Medical Freedom Fighters”

NY Educators Meet Lee Zeldin Weds 5-11-22 8pm

Candidate for Governor of New York State 5-6-22 New York Gubernatorial Candidate Lee Zeldin wants to meet the Teachers & Educators of New York State, whether you are currently employed, on unpaid leave, or recently terminated. All New Yorkers are welcome to attend. Join us on Wednesday, May 11 at 8pm for a Zoom callContinue reading “NY Educators Meet Lee Zeldin Weds 5-11-22 8pm”

Will the Real Eric Adams Please Stand Up?

The Covid Mandate Lies of Eric Adams by Michael Kane 4-29-22 Tramell Thompson has just released a video showing how NYC Mayor Eric Adams has flip-flopped entirely on all covid-mandate issues. In NYC the Democratic Primary is where the mayor is picked. Republicans have no shot at mayor but for rare historical exceptions. Prior toContinue reading “Will the Real Eric Adams Please Stand Up?”

Kyrie Irving States Full Support of NYC Essential Workers and Tramell Thompson

Calls for Fired and Banned in NYC to be Rehired by Michael Kane 4-18-22 This past weekend the NY Daily News reported that Kyrie Irving has recently embraced activist Tramell Thompson and the battle against medical mandates in NYC. Irving was interviewed by the paper and quoted as follows: “(Tramell Thompson is) leading a communityContinue reading “Kyrie Irving States Full Support of NYC Essential Workers and Tramell Thompson”

Democrat George Diaz is Against Covid Vaccine Mandates

Diaz is calling for all City Workers to be Rehired with Back Pay Running against Jeff Dinowitz in Bronx Democratic Primary 3-29-22 George Diaz is running against Jeff Dinowitz for his NY State Assembly seat in the Bronx. Many of you know Jeff Dinowitz has never met a vaccine he does not love and wantContinue reading “Democrat George Diaz is Against Covid Vaccine Mandates”

Fired NYC Workers Press Conference

This is NOT a Protest. Do not bring signs, do not bring bullhorns Tuesday, March 29, 10:30 am Flushing Meadow Park Unisphere *** Press Release from Councilwoman Vickie Paladino:

Support Educators for Freedom

3-2-22 Donate at http://www.EducatorsforFreedom.com They are fighting for the rights of all New Yorkers to work without being coerced into medical procedures against their conscience and will.