COVID Vax for NYC Hospital Staff Almost Mandatory

What will this mean for NYC Schools Employees? *** Please sign our petition against forced vaccination of educators HERE Please donate to TEACHERS FOR CHOICE as we prepare lawsuits & actions HERE by Michael Kane 7-21-21 Mayor De Blasio just announced public hospital workers must get the COVID vaccine or submit to COVID testing onceContinue reading “COVID Vax for NYC Hospital Staff Almost Mandatory”

COVID Vaccine Failure in Israel

by Michael Kane 7-17-21 Israel’s population of 9 million is the most vaccinated in the world. News is now breaking from Israel that the COVID vaccine has a negligible effect against the Delta variant of SARS CoV-2, and total number of hospitalizations is slightly higher in the vaccinated according to analysis from Trial Site News.Continue reading “COVID Vaccine Failure in Israel”

Uprising In France Over MEDICAL MANDATES

7-16-21 All across Twitter on Bastille Day video after video kept flying by my feed of thousands of people uprising in France in multiple cities. This comes just as London seems to have hundreds of thousands protesting in the streets every other week against forced vaccination and vaccine passports. Similar uprisings occurred in Greece asContinue reading “Uprising In France Over MEDICAL MANDATES”

CUNY SUNY Covid Shot Mandate Does Not Exist!

From John Gilmore 7/12/21 NY Take Action: CUNY and SUNY student Covid shot mandate is a Cuomo bluff      Despite publicity to the contrary, there is no current requirement to get a Covid shot to attend either the State University of New York (SUNY) or the City University of New York (CUNY). No law wasContinue reading “CUNY SUNY Covid Shot Mandate Does Not Exist!”

Randi Weingarten Reversed Forced Vaccination Comments

by Michael Kane 7-12-21 On February 5, 2021, President of the American Federation of Teachers union (AFT) Randi Weingarten stated that vaccinations are not “preconditions” for returning to in-person learning. Interestingly February 5th was the very day I announced I would be calling upon Weingarten to publicly rescind her statement from September of 2020 supportingContinue reading “Randi Weingarten Reversed Forced Vaccination Comments”

Children Getting Vaccinated Without Parental Consent

Attorney Aaron Siri is Suing See him on FOX Interview HERE by Michael Kane 7-9-21 Washington D.C. passed a local city law allowing any child age 11 and up to get vaccinated without parental knowledge or consent. Now attorney Aaron Siri is suing to have the law nullified. Siri is representing a family whose 16-year-oldContinue reading “Children Getting Vaccinated Without Parental Consent”

Eric Adams Wins NYC Democratic Primary for Mayor

by Michael Kane 7-7-21 Former Police Capatin Eric Adams has won the Democratic primary for mayor in NYC. Adams was one of 3 candidates TEACHERS FOR CHOICE recommended voters rank since he had publicly indicated he would not force teachers or students to get the COVID vaccine. TEACHERS FOR CHOICE congratulates Mr. Adams on thisContinue reading “Eric Adams Wins NYC Democratic Primary for Mayor”

NEA Forced Vaccination Resolution Overwhelmingly Defeated!

by Michael Kane 7-3-21 The NEW BUSINESS ITEM #33 at the National Education Association’s (NEA) virtual assembly, which called for forced covid testing and vaccination of all students and staff to reopen schools in September, was overwhelmingly defeated today. One post on twitter said 81% of the delegates voted no, which is fantastic! In thisContinue reading “NEA Forced Vaccination Resolution Overwhelmingly Defeated!”

Sussman Interview Back by Popular Demand 7-2-21 A few months ago I and TEACHERS FOR CHOICE attorney Michael Sussman were interviewed by Jason Goodman on Crowd Source the Truth. The interview has been pulled off of YouTube multiple times after being viewed tens of thousands of times. I’m done with Youtube! Jason Goodman was good enough to load the interviewContinue reading “Sussman Interview Back by Popular Demand”

Response to NYC DOE Schools Chancellor on Vaccine Education for Students

From TEACHERS FOR CHOICE 6-30-21 NYC DOE Chancellor Meisha Porter recently emailed NYC teachers saying we should tell our students why we chose to get vaccinated and “pass on facts about the vaccines.” Here is one such relevant fact about COVID vaccines which comes right from the NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene (DHMH)Continue reading “Response to NYC DOE Schools Chancellor on Vaccine Education for Students”