Eric Adams is a Liar

Calls For Forced Vaccine Mandate for NYC School Kids Back in May of 2021 Eric Adams clearly indicated he would NOT force vaccinate teachers or students if he became mayor of NYC. Read it for yourself in the NY POST right HERE. He lied Don’t vote for him. Vote for Bill Pepitone. So I guessContinue reading “Eric Adams is a Liar”

If there is no separation of powers in the UFT it is a dictatorship

Paraprofessional Destroys Mulgrew’s Junk Science Recently Michael Mulgrew stated natural immunity to covid was “some junk on social media.” Paraprofessional, TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Steering Committee member, and founder of LEFT vs LOCKDOWN Garrett Ramirez takes Mulgrew (as well as his own chapter leader) to task on this idiotic comment and the fact that Mulgrew’s “independentContinue reading “If there is no separation of powers in the UFT it is a dictatorship”

Did Weingarten Cut a Deal With Biden?

by Michael Kane 10-15-21 Recently the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) received a victory in a case known as WEINGARTEN vs. DEVOS. The AFT had sued the Trump Department of Education (DOE) then headed by Betsy Devos over college debt relief. The Biden Administration just settled the case in AFT’s favor. This is a winContinue reading “Did Weingarten Cut a Deal With Biden?”

Injunction Denied in KANE vs DE BLASIO

Looking at Possible Appeal by Michael Kane 10-12-21 The injunction we sought in federal court to stop the covid vaccine mandate for NYC teachers was denied by Judge Valerie Caproni today. We are now watching very closely the case of health care workers to be heard in the 2nd circuit court this Thursday October 14th.Continue reading “Injunction Denied in KANE vs DE BLASIO”

Introducing New York State TEACHERS FOR CHOICE

TEACHERS FOR CHOICE is growing by leaps and bounds! New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) members all across NY are banding together to form a new arm of TEACHERS FOR CHOICE. NEW YORK STATE TEACHERS FOR CHOICE! Essentially this group is comprised of all New York State educators outside of NYC. The needs and concernsContinue reading “Introducing New York State TEACHERS FOR CHOICE”

Bronx Student Stabbed in School

School was missing 50% of Safety Officers Due To Vaccine Mandate Staffing Crisis by Michael Kane 10-9-21 Do we need a child to be killed to reverse Mayor de Blasio’s dangerous mandate? The vaccine mandate from de Blasio has led to staff shortages, and just 4 days into those shortages a student was stabbed multipleContinue reading “Bronx Student Stabbed in School”

Critical Injunction Hearing KANE vs DE BLASIO 10-12-21

We Need THOUSANDS To Be There! *UPDATE – CALL IN INFO BELOW 10-7-21 Next Tuesday is no day to be tutoring or job hunting or anything. Next Tuesday, 10-12-21, 11am everyone needs to come to the following courthouse: Thurgood Marshal United States Courthouse 40 Foley Square, New York, NY Courtroom 443 before the Hon. JudgeContinue reading “Critical Injunction Hearing KANE vs DE BLASIO 10-12-21”

Transcript From KANE vs DE BLASIO TRO Hearing 10-5-21

10-7-21 This past Tuesday a hearing to obtain a temporary restraining order (TRO) of NYC Schools covid vaccine mandate was held in the case KANE vs DE BLASIO. Our request for a TRO was denied. Below is the entire transcript from that proceeding which has plenty of very interesting nuggets of info in it. NextContinue reading “Transcript From KANE vs DE BLASIO TRO Hearing 10-5-21”

Michael Kane and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya on Laura Ingraham

from Michael Kane 10-5-21 What an honor it was to be a guest on national TV with Dr. Jay Bhattacharya! Dr. Bhattacharya is a Professor of Health Policy at Stanford University, medical doctor, PhD, has published over 135 publications in the peer reviewed literature, and his work has been cited over 11,000 times. OverContinue reading “Michael Kane and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya on Laura Ingraham”

KANE vs DE BLASIO Files For Restraining Order

Calling the Court to Stop Vaccine Mandate in NYC Schools Over Fraudulent Exemption Process TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Press Release 10-4-21 Download the Restraining order here: This morning TEACHERS FOR CHOICE attorney Sujata Gibson filed for a temporary restraining order (TRO) to stop the NYC DOE adult vaccine mandate in the case KANE vs DE BLASIO.Continue reading “KANE vs DE BLASIO Files For Restraining Order”