Lawsuit Being Prepared Against NYC DOE COVID Testing

We have the litigants!

UPDATE: Teachers And Parents Sue NYC DOE Over In-School COVID Testing on 12-14-20:

Read Update HERE


Attorney Michael Sussman has acquired litigants to sue the NYC DOE over their COVID testing program. This lawsuit is not challenging the entire testing program, but focuses on the issue of what can, and cannot, be done with the specimens that are collected. There is a very good chance this lawsuit will force NYC to release the “secret contract(s)” that govern the testing program but are still being hidden today.

Here are the groups of people who have joined this lawsuit:

(1) Educators in the NYC School System who have returned to in-person work. Even if no direct pressure has been placed on you

(2) Any teacher working remotely who received pressure to sign the consent from a superior (such as via email)

(3) Any parent whose child was kicked out of school and wants to join us on suing over this one issue

This lawsuit should be filed on Monday 12-14-20, or Tuesday 12-15-20. Stay tuned to this website for daily updates.

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