Parents Against Mandatory COVID Testing

Lawsuit will be filed this week!

by Michael Kane


Today is the first day back to school in NYC for many children under the age of 10, as well as children with severe disabilities. NYC DOE is saying if parents do not consent to in-school COVID testing their children will be removed from in-person learning within just one day. Attorney Jim Mermigis is suing Mayor De Blasio and NYC over this policy.

I spoke to attorney Mermigis last week about this case. He will be filing it this week in federal court fighting mandatory in-school COVID testing on behalf of NYC parents. I have followed Mermigis and his work for the past 18 months and it is clear he is a good attorney and a man of great integrity. I 100% support this lawsuit and encourage everyone else to as well.

Mermigis is doing this pro-bono so, if you can, please donate to the cause at the following link:

Do keep in mind NY Teachers For Choice may very well be involved in our own litigation in the near future, and that may require donations as well.

The below comes from the gofundme page for the lawsuit:

The decision by the Mayor and the DOE to force  parents to consent to have their school age children tested for the Covid Virus as a condition of attending school is outrageous, immoral and a violation of their constitutional rights. The Parents of NYC school children will simply NOT ALLOW this. 

Parents Against Mandatory Testing, has been created to bring legal action to prevent our children from being tested illegally.   

The legal team of Louis Gelormino, Mark Fonte and James Mermigis are offering their services Pro Bono and  preparing a lawsuit to be filed in Federal Court, Eastern District requesting an Immediate Injunction to stop testing our children in school!! 

We need your help too!   In order to offset the  legal expenses associated with litigation which include medical experts, child psychologists and  child education experts  we are requiring a modest $20 donation when you register. 

Join us in the fight to keep our children form being tested in school.

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