UFT Says COVID Vaccine Not Mandatory for Teachers…

…not yet!



UFT President Michael Mulgrew’s recent announcement that the COVID vaccine will not be mandatory for teachers only applies for the time being. In September of 2021 that could definitely change and I am sure Mr. Mulgrew would not argue me on this point.

This is why everyone needs to come to our protest at the UFT office in Staten Island tomorrow, Saturday, December 19th from 12 noon to 2pm. Our pressure is working and the UFT is now following New York Teachers For Choice very, very closely. NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO BACK DOWN OR STOP THE PRESSURE!

As many of you know we have a petition against vaccine mandates for educators that is exploding with nearly 1,000 new signatures every day! I just got an email from Change.org that we were infringing on someone’s copyright for an image we had on our petition. It was the UFT logo, and it was pulled down. UFT’s general counsel contacted Change.org to make this happen.

I GUESS NY TEACHERS FOR CHOICE NEEDS OUR OWN LOGO NOW! (If anyone wants to make a logo for us, it would be with the letters NYTFC and some form of an apple).

My point is that we are having an impact, and now is not the time for us to slow down. It is time to RAMP IT UP!

GET ALL INFO ON OUR PROTEST HERE: https://nyteachersforchoice.wordpress.com/2020/12/06/protest-at-uft-office-in-staten-island/

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