CHD Sues NYC DOE and Mayor de Blasio for School Closures and Coerced Medical Testing


For weeks, New York Teachers For Choice has been in daily communication with attorneys for Children’s Health Defense (CHD) regarding the lawsuit they just filed on Wednesday. This case is not related to KANE vs. NYC DOE; it is a completely separate case with a completely different set of attorneys and completely different arguments and goals. However our followers may find this case even more interesting than KANE vs. NYC DOE.

The litigants in this case are all parents, there are no teachers currently involved. The amended complaint, along with 201-pages of exhibits in support of the complaint, takes on New York City’s forced in-school COVID testing as being illegal, immoral and unscientific. Here is just one quote from one of the parent litigants:

“My child’s school is not his doctor,” said lead plaintiff Adriana Aviles, Queens mother of an excluded child. “Why can’t I take my child to get this test and submit the results, just like I do for other health records? I took my child’s negative results to school, but they accused us of trespassing. That is an outrage.”

A Manhattan federal district court will likely hear arguments on this case in early January.

This is BIG NEWS!!!

Read more about this here:

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