PRIVATE SCHOOL EDUCATORS – You do NOT Have to Take the COVID Vaccine to Keep Your Job

by Michael Kane


Many private school teachers and educators have been reaching out to me recently saying their jobs are requiring them to get the COVID vaccine to maintain employment next year. There are no unions in private schools, so each educator negotiates their own contract with school administration each year.

However it is certainly illegal for any school at this point in time to say anyone must take the COVID vaccine to keep their job. They may try, but you must push back. The COVID vaccine is not FDA approved. It has received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) status from the FDA only. Under federal law, everyone must have informed consent and the right to refuse an EUA product.

The precedent for this was set back in 2004 in the court case Doe vs. Rumsfeld. At that time the US Military was attempting to force all members of the military to take the experimental Anthrax vaccine which, like the COVID vaccines, only had EUA approval. The anonymous military members represented as “John Doe” ultimately won the case represented by attorney Mark Zaid. That is the last court decision dealing with EUA vaccines in America and is thus the law of the land.

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) made a recent attempt to force vaccinate all of their educators just weeks ago. They were immediately sued by the Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF) and Children’s Health Defense (CHD). If anyone needs the documentation proving what I have stated above, download that legal complaint and use it to find all the documenation to give your employer proving they cannot require you to get the COVID vaccine.

The case against LAUSD has not been resolved yet. Stay tuned to TEACHERS FOR CHOICE for all updates as the case unfolds.

Download the legal complaint against LAUSD at the following link:

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