Massive Contamination and Poor Practices in COVID Testing Lab

This is outstanding undercover investigative journalism from a BBC reporter exposing contamination and mismanagement at a major COVID testing lab in England. So not only are the PCR tests extremely unreliable even when used correctly, we now have massive mismanagement to worry about!

There are parallels with the COVID lab failings found in England to Fulgent Genetics and BioReference Laboratories in America; the two labs contracted for COVID testing by NYC Schools.

The BBC report quotes a frustrated quality control scientist at the British lab saying as the day progresses, the quality of testing performed decreases. Fulgent Genetics Laboratories operates 24-7. I wonder how non-stop processing impacts the quality of Fulgent’s COVID testing operation.

The BBC report details contamination from missed checks, “glooping,” dragging swabs and much more. Of interest BioReference Laboratories is the lab that processed 77 NFL player samples in August of 2020 as being COVID positive, but were retested revealing all were false-positives. Those 77 false positives were said to be the result of an “isolated contamination,” which was likely a contamination that resulted from a failed process similar to what is reported in this BBC report. It is anyone’s guess just how “isolated” that contamination really was.

In the new era of COVID, laboratories are being stretched to their maximum capacities that quite simply are not sustainable unless corners are cut. I would speculate the failures revealed in this undercover reporting are widespread all across the industry, all across the globe.

Read the full BBC report at the following link. – mk

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