Video of Michael Kane’s CHD Webinar Presentation from February 10, 2021

Back in February Michael Kane was included in a panel held by Children’s Health Defense titled THE COVID VACCINE ON TRIAL.

You can watch Kane’s presentation by going to the following link and then scrolling down till you see the name “Michael Kane.” Click on that name and you can watch the 5-minute segment.

The Covid Vaccine On Trial: If You Only Knew…

Below is the transcript of that presentation: (note – the call for educators to stop paying union dues in this presentation is going to launch in just a few days. Stay tuned to our website)


Hello everyone my name is Michael Kane. I am a New York City Public school Teacher and proud United Federation of Teachers (UFT) Union member for over 13 years.

I am also the founder of New York Teachers for Choice, an emergency union caucus that is 100% opposed to medical mandates for anyone to keep their jobs, especially Educators.

Tonight I want to ask Randi Weingarten, the president of my national union, which is the American Federation of Teachers, or AFT, to rescind her statements from September of 2020 where she called for the forced vaccination of teachers to keep our jobs.

Due to the efforts of TEACHERS FOR CHOICE we recently got Michael Mulgrew, President of the powerful New York City local teachers union, the UFT, my union, to publicly state vaccination is an individual choice for each teacher to make. We greatly thank Mr. Mulgrew for that statement. However, when one of the COVID vaccines are finally fully FDA approved, can we trust we won’t be force vaccinated to keep our jobs just as AFT President Randi Weingarten called for back in September? 

I respectfully ask Ms. Weingarten to retract her position that teachers should be force vaccinated.

This demand is one of 7 demands that TEACHERS FOR CHOICE has of our union leaders. If these demands are not met, on March 1st, 2021, teachers all across New York will begin the process to stop paying union dues and divert that money into an emergency health defense fund in preparation for lawsuits against medical mandates for teachers to keep our jobs. We do not want to stop paying union dues, we are not union busters. But we will not be ignored.

COVID VACCINATION is just the canary in the coal mine, as there are multiple additional medical mandates that have already been put in place or attempted for workers all across the world to keep our jobs. Such mandates include the following:

In 2018 the brave teachers in West Virginia went on strike when they were mandated to wear Fitbits to monitor their activities to determine their insurance premiums for medical coverage.

Today in  France, factory workers are being made to wear devices that beep when they come within 6 feet of another worker, as if they are cattle.

In Michigan, there is a bill called the “Microchip Protection Act” which is said to prevent employers from requiring a subdermal microchip implant for employees to keep their job. But buried in the weeds of that bill it says, “Unless a court orders it.” Why would any court in America order a microchip implant for any person to keep their job?

And of course, there is the recent mandatory COVID testing happening in NYC schools for both staff and students.

In regards to in-school COVID testing TEACHERS FOR CHOICE sued the New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE) with attorney Michael Sussman and won a court-ordered stipulation ensuring our specimens will be destroyed, and will not be used for anything other than getting a positive or negative COVID result. And now the good people of Children’s Health Defense are suing New York City in federal court arguing mandatory COVID testing is illegal, immoral and unscientific in the case Aviles vs. De Blasio.

Learn more about TEACHERS FOR CHOICE at our website All one word, no numbers = N Y TEACHERS F-O-R- CHOICE .org. There you will find a link to a petition called NY Teachers against vaccine mandates for educators that today has over 17,000 signatures. Please show your support for teachers, educators and all American workers resisting medical mandates by signing that petition right now!

You will also find our most important reports linked to from our homepage. And you can Go to our contact page and send us a quick email to join our email list. It is a simple website, it’s really just a blog because we are broke. We have no money. But we don’ NEED money and we are not asking for any money. All we ask for is your support.

Spread the word.



As I have already stated, this is about much more than COVID-19, All the workers of America and across the world, especially my fellow union brothers & sisters, we must come together and resist ALL MEDICAL MANDATES NOW and if your union leadership won’t resist with you, pressure them, or get rid of them.

My name is Michael Kane, founder of NEW YORK TEACHERS FOR CHOICE. Thank you for your time and God bless.

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