Kane Invites Mike Mulgrew to CHD TV Interview and Steps of City Hall

SUBJECT: Invitations to Mike Mulgrew from Michael Kane SENT 10-5-22, 5:24 am SENT TO: Michael Mulgrew <mmulgrew@uft.org>,LeRoy Barr <lbarr@uft.org>,Michael Sill <msill@uft.org>,dpenny@uft.org,tbrown@uft.org,kalford@uft.org,mginese@uft.org,agoldman@uft.org,lgordon@uft.org,Janella Hinds <jhinds@uft.org>,rmantell@uft.org,mvaccaro@uft.org,“Randi Weingarten, Office of the President” <rweingar@aft.org> CC: Entire Teachers for Choice Steering Committee EMAIL BELOW: Good morning Mr. Mulgrew. Yesterday I had a very productive, professional live interview with Randi Weingarten regardingContinue reading “Kane Invites Mike Mulgrew to CHD TV Interview and Steps of City Hall”

Michael Kane Interviews Randi Weingarten on NYC Teacher Vaccine Mandates

10-4-22 Watch interview here: https://live.childrenshealthdefense.org/shows/good-morning-chd/ducZn9n_Vz Today American Federation of Teachers (AFT) union president Randi Weingarten was interviewed by fired NYC school teacher Michael Kane on CHD TV’s morning broadcast Good Morning CHD. At the Labor Day Parade in NYC on September 10th Kane had confronted Weingarten and asked her questions about educators fired over vaccineContinue reading “Michael Kane Interviews Randi Weingarten on NYC Teacher Vaccine Mandates”

Michael Kane interviews Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

RFK’s first comments on the announced resignation of Anthony Fauci Watch interview here: https://live.childrenshealthdefense.org/shows/good-morning-chd/A0EfXOzoto The tide is turning — will you sit by and watch, or will you take part in this momentous time in history? Special guest Robert F. Kennedy makes a public statement on Anthony Fauci’s resignation and its significance. Then, two otherContinue reading “Michael Kane interviews Robert F. Kennedy Jr.”

Michael Kane Interviewed on JUST THINK Podcast

8-7-22 It was fantastic to be interviewed by the ladies of the “JUST THINK” podcast. Tons of fun! You have to check out this platform, it is just a breathe of fresh air. JUST THINK has interviewed Dr. Peter McCullough, Naomi Wolf and many more. Flattering to be included with such Medical Freedom heavyweights. ListenContinue reading “Michael Kane Interviewed on JUST THINK Podcast”

Crime, inflation …and vaccination?

8-4-22 I appreciate this coverage from Randi Marshall of NEWSDAY – mk: https://www.newsday.com/opinion/the-point/the-point-newsday-cd3-dccc-abortion-ad-george-santos-lee-zeldin-ny-vaccine-mandates-o7kc32fw While crime, bail reform and public safety continue to take center stage in Lee Zeldin’s gubernatorial campaign, another hot button issue has begun to move into the spotlight: “medical freedom.” The term is a spin on the effort to oppose vaccine mandatesContinue reading “Crime, inflation …and vaccination?”

Follow the rules but don’t follow stupid rules

by Michael Kane 7-15-22 Jordan Peterson is commonly known to make profound statements, and this is one of them: “Follow the rules, but don’t follow stupid rules.” For Peterson the stupid rule was “compelled speech” in Canada and the University system. For me the stupid rule was NYC’s vaccine mandate to maintain employment. I wasContinue reading “Follow the rules but don’t follow stupid rules”

Naomi Wolf Interviews Michael Kane for DailyClout.io

7-12-22 What an honor to be interviewed by the amazing Naomi Wolf, founder of DailyClout.io and author of the new book THE BODIES OF OTHERS. Before Naomi’s book release party in Brooklyn he was kind enough to invite me on the Crown Goose in Park Slope, a boat from the 1940’s overlooking the water andContinue reading “Naomi Wolf Interviews Michael Kane for DailyClout.io”

NYC Uncensored Episode 5: “A Nightmare Proportion Crisis” Kristin Buckbee On Organization Of The American Convoy

2-18-22 ***MUST WATCH SHOW ON USA CONVOY ORGANIZING EFFORTS*** In this episode of “NYC Uncensored,” host Michael Kane returns to provide updates on the grassroots efforts/organizing in New York and beyond! This week, he is joined by Kristin Buckbee, who discusses the American Convoy and breaks down its organization. Who are these anonymous admins? WhyContinue reading “NYC Uncensored Episode 5: “A Nightmare Proportion Crisis” Kristin Buckbee On Organization Of The American Convoy”

Michael Kane Debates RELIGION & VACCINES on BBC World Radio

from Michael Kane 12-26-21 I would like to thank BBC World Service and BBC Radio for bringing me on their global platform to debate RELIGION & VACCINES. The conversation and debate unfolded precisely as they said it would and I greatly appreciate their transparency in the process. Some have noted that the narrative of theContinue reading “Michael Kane Debates RELIGION & VACCINES on BBC World Radio”

NYC Teachers Denied Religious Exemption for Third Time

WE ARE BACK IN COURT! Attorneys Apply for Another Emergency Injunction 12-11-21 by Michael Kane In the lawsuits KANE vs DE BLASIO and KEIL vs NYC the plaintiffs won an injunction that allowed them to reapply for a religious exemption to vaccination in what equated to a third attempt. Nearly all who reapplied were denied,Continue reading “NYC Teachers Denied Religious Exemption for Third Time”