TEACHERS FOR CHOICE August 25 Protest on Full Back Page of THE CHIEF

A full page ad for our protest was placed in THE CHIEF, and they put it on the back page – best possible place it can be located. THE CHIEF estimates over 100,000 people will see this advertisement in both print and online: Check out the ad here: https://thechiefleader.com/advertising/general_display/

Randi Weingarten Reversed Forced Vaccination Comments

by Michael Kane 7-12-21 On February 5, 2021, President of the American Federation of Teachers union (AFT) Randi Weingarten stated that vaccinations are not “preconditions” for returning to in-person learning. Interestingly February 5th was the very day I announced I would be calling upon Weingarten to publicly rescind her statement from September of 2020 supportingContinue reading “Randi Weingarten Reversed Forced Vaccination Comments”

Our Attorney Michael Sussman Quoted in The Chief

5-1-21 Reporter Bob Hennelley just published an article in THE CHIEF discussing the move by NYC to push or, possibly, force workers to get the COVID vaccine. At the end of the report he quotes our attorney Michael Sussman and mentions NY Teachers for Choice. The entire report is available for subscribers by clicking HERE.Continue reading “Our Attorney Michael Sussman Quoted in The Chief”

Did Randi Weingarten Just Back Off Her Forced Vaccination Rhetoric?

by Michael Kane 2-14-21 Crystal Lewis of THE CHIEF continues to produce critical reporting on COVID vaccination and American educators. On February 11th she wrote the following: Backs Off ‘Mandatory’ Although many Teachers see the vaccine as key to restoring full-time in-person learning, Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, backed off previousContinue reading “Did Randi Weingarten Just Back Off Her Forced Vaccination Rhetoric?”