Harlem Success Academy Charter Schools requiring all employees get COVID Vaccine

The Harlem Success Academy Charter Schools are run by the UFT’s #1 rival – Eva Moskowitz. Success Academy will now force all teachers and employees to be vaccinated by next month – June of 2021 – despite the fact that such a requirement breaks federal law. This breaking news comes from reporter Sue Edelman of the NY Post.

First and foremost – anyone who works for Success Academy that wants to sue them for this illegal mandate please contact me right away.


While I and TEACHERS FOR CHOICE have major, major problems with our unions, what Moskowitz and Success Academy just did underscores how important unions, and union caucuses, truly are. When we were opposed to what looked like UFT support for forced vaccination we organized an emergency union caucus, we protested, and we pushed back. All of our efforts have paid off and at bare minimum bought us some time in the battle against vaccine mandates for teachers. Charter school employees have no such mechanisms to push back against their employer because they have no union. Every charter school teacher I have ever known was waiting for a chance to get a unionized teaching job.

I want to thank Sue Edelman for ending this critical report in the NY Post by quoting me and referencing the important lawsuit in LA from Health Freedom Defense Fund:

But Michael Kane, who heads the group Teachers For Choice, blasted the charter network. “By federal law, you have the right to refuse any vaccine that’s not fully FDA approved,” Kane said. “If any Success Academy employees want to sue, please call me. I have lawyers who’d be very interested in hearing from employees who don’t want to abide by this illegal mandate.” The Los Angeles Unified School District, the nation’s second largest, is requiring its employees to be vaccinated, but has been challenged by some employees and the Health Freedom Defense Fund, which filed a federal lawsuit demanding a halt to the mandate.

Read the full report from Sue Edelman in the NY Post at the following link – mk


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