Attorney Jim Mermigis Sues SUNY CUNY Over Forced COVID Vaccination

Join this CLASS ACTION Lawsuit!


BREAKING NEWS 7-12-21: CUNY SUNY Covid Shot Mandate Does Not Exist! It’s a BLUFF from Cuomo – Learn more HERE

From Rita Palma


Jim Mermigis will file a class action lawsuit against the SUNY and CUNY systems challenging the C19 Vaccine mandate to attend school. Get on the suit as a plaintiff. Be part of an incredible win. Email me (plz just email!) at the following info:

Student’s name, Parent’s name, Age of student, FULL Home address of student (Include ZIP CODE), Phone # of student, The SUNY or CUNY school the student attends PUT IN SUBJECT LINE, “CLASS ACTION SUIT

Get this to me asap. (I can’t answer long questions. I might be able to answer short ones.) SHARE and SHARE and SHARE and SHARE…..Thank you everyone! We are FIGHTING BACK!!!

20 thoughts on “Attorney Jim Mermigis Sues SUNY CUNY Over Forced COVID Vaccination

  1. Amazing !!!!!!!!! No one, especially a child should be forced to take this vaccine or anything! Their body their choice . Enough of this government control , we all can’t thank you enough


    1. And I meant to add … on what grounds are they forcing you to get the vaccine? If you’ve been vaccinated you can still get Covid . If you’ve been vaccinated you could still give Covid and it will emit the same Covid pathogens (not a lesser Covid germ). The vaccine alters your own DNA and how it responds to the Covid pathogen. So what reasoning are they (especially if you had covid & did fine) forcing us to get some thing we don’t need? At what point does the cure become worse than the disease?

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  2. I work at a suny campus in Buffalo NY. We recently received an email stating that fully vaccinated no longer need to test weekly while the un vaccinated need to test every week. I feel this is going to become mandatory to work. Plus they are forcing students to vaccinate as you are aware.


  3. Thank you !! I want to do what ever I need to do in order my daughter no to be vaccinated in order to attending school.


  4. My daughter just finished her freshman year at one of the SUNY schools. From what she’s seen, even with the best controls in place, the students have shown an irresponsible attitude towards masking, social distancing and avoiding large gatherings. Instructors and students alike have had their academic plans disrupted weekly when a student is thrown into 2-week quarantine because they or a close friend tests positive for covid. Others have tried following the rules and had to leave school due to issues with isolation, anxiety and depression, forfeiting a year of college. College is a stressful time for students under normal circumstances and the reassurance of attending a college where all are vaccinated means they can learn in a stable, supportive, in-person environment. The widespread, safe deployment of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to date, should assure people that these vaccines are as safe as the annual flu shot.


    1. I appreciate your opinion but disagree entirely.

      The new COVID vaccine has many, many safety concerns that we are still learning about.

      Over 200,000 adverse reactions have been reported to the VAERS system, including over 4,000 deaths immediately following vaccination. It is impossible to know if a vaccine is safe for every person on the planet in under a year and it is insane to force such an experimental product on any person.

      Additionally you bring up the flu shot. That vaccine we DO have safety data on. There are more cases brought to the federal vaccine court over the flu shot than any other vaccine. There are safety issues with it, including Guillain barre syndrome which results in complete paralysis.

      One-size-fits-all medicine is dangerous.

      Every individual needs to make health care decisions that work best for them in consultation with a doctor that they have picked to work with.


    2. If your daughter is vaccinated then she has no reason to fear anyone unvaccinated. There are alarming rates of myocarditis being reported in men under 30. No one should be forced to inject a potentially harmful drug in order to attend college. My child is a junior at SBU, and this was not a condition when he began. I also find it hypocritical that the mandate only applies to students, who have almost 0% risk of dying from Copvid, but not to the faculty or staff. Not to mention that my child already had Covid, and all evidence suggests lasting immunity and that getting the shot while you have antibodies is also harmful.


    3. These vaccines are NOT PROVEN SAFE. No testing on Live subjects done. Wake up. Stop believing the BS. Please for your childrens health do your own research.

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  5. I would LOVE and NEED to add my daughter to this Class Action Suit please!! Her school denied her medical exemption. Saying they would review it again if the vaccine becomes approved. In my eyes it’s an exemption and needs to be honored whether it becomes approved this year or 2 years from now. The SUNY school is Oswego. This is absolutely disgusting and heartbreaking that children have to chose a vaxx that has killed over 5,000 to date or not to continue their education.


  6. Will you add Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY to your lawsuit as they are following what Suny and Cuny are doing because they are all in the same area.

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  7. VAERS data released today, 441,931 reports of adverse reactions from all age groups following covid vaccines, including 6,985 deaths and 34,065 serious injuries between Dec 2020 and June 25,2021. When there is risk, there must be a CHOICE!!!! These vaccines are still not approved by the fda, new tech,and experimental! The full authorization of these vaccines by the fda should not take place until 2023, when clinical trials are completed but I feel the full approval will be fast-trackedjust like these vaccines were just in time for college to start! Vaccines are not a one size fits all especially for kids who have virtually no chance of getting covid! You can still get covid and pass it on even when vaccinated so everyone/student should be tested! These kids need to learn and not have the burden of this weighing on them,segregation, covid testing, masks etc., there mental health is in a fragile state already! Who will be held accountable when the colleges force vaccination and death or adverse reactions occur in students?? Dr Robert Malone, the inventor of MRNA vaccines spoke out about associated risks of covid-vaccines. Now he is being censored.

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  8. I wish to show my admiration for your generosity in support of those individuals that have the need for assistance with in this study. Your personal commitment to getting the solution along had become definitely significant and has continually made many people just like me to arrive at their goals. Your entire valuable information can mean this much a person like me and somewhat more to my office workers. Regards; from each one of us.

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    1. Thank you so much for this compliment!

      I would like to encourage you to email me so we can discuss your successes more in private. Would really mean a lot to me and all who work to keep TEACHERS FOR CHOICE going strong – Michael Kane

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  9. Is there any update or did this just die? Anything about why previously infected, who still have antibodies need a vaccine which only gives them lab created antibodies (antibodies they already have)?


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