Clarification on Protest at Maspeth High School Today


There is a protest happening today, Wednesday, 6-23-21, 11 am at Maspeth High School in Queens, NYC, over the vacciantion program being held at the school.

The NYC DOE policy requires parental consent as well as a parent being present “or the parent’s designee.” However the organizers of the protest have a flyer from the vaccination program at Maspeth High School that says any child 12 years old and older can be vaccinated and makes no mention of parental consent being necessary.

THIS is the reason for the protest. The organizers believe that the lack of clarity in the promotion leaves a very real opportunity for children to be vaccinated without actual parental consent.

IF you believe the concerns of the organizers of the protest are valid, please join their protest today. TEACHERS FOR CHOICE does not support the erosion of parental consent involving medical procedures for children.

Other cities holding protests today – including in Washington D.C. and Philadelphia – are in fact vaccinating children without parental consent at all.

Get info on protest here —

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