Adams and Wiley are 1st and 2nd Place in NYC Mayor Rank Choice


TEACHERS FOR CHOICE (TfC) is happy to see two of our choices for NYC mayor end up in the top two – Eric Adams is in first place and Maya Wiley is in second. We are even far more thrilled to see Mr. “I love vaccine passports” Andrew Yang concede defeat and Mr. “Yes, I will force inject your child with a COVID vaccine” Scott Stringer so far down the line he has no shot. Kathryn Garcia is in third place and still has a chance to win if the 2nd and 3rd rank choice votes fall in her favor.

Overall Adams has a strong lead and is likely to win.

Remember – the *only* reason we recommended voters rank Adams and Wiley is that they publicly demonstrated they will not force the COVID vacine on teachers or students. We cannot take them at their word if one of them ends up the mayor – we must place much more pressure upon them to not only live up to this promise, but to also oppose vaccine & health passports as well as mandatory in-school COVID testing.

A few notes on the mayoral election

With the UFT endorsed candidate Scott Stringer peforming miserably this perpetuates what many have called the “UFT Curse,” as the teacher union has not endorsed a winning candidate for mayor in NYC for 30 years. The last endorsement they got correct was David Dinkins. When Stringer’s sexual harrassment scandals broke everyone abandoned Stringer – especially Black & Brown politicians – but not the UFT. Nope! They stuck with good ol’ Scotty, all the way to the bitter end. It was sad watching UFT post anemic events for Stringer on Twitter such as “Latinos for Stringer.” Such events may have helped Stringer had a major Hispanic politician been present, such as Catalina Cruz, who is a rising Democratic star in Queens. But Cruz revoked her endorsement of Stringer when allegations of sexual harrassment broke against him, as did basically everyone (accept the UFT)

Had the UFT left Stringer to endorse Maya Wiley they may have swung the election in her favor. UFT reports that they have the power to swing an election by about 4 points. Adams is ahead of Wiley currently by 10 points after the first rank count. UFT could have narrowed that to 6, and we have to wait and see what happens in the second, third, fourth and fifth rank counts. But it’s simple math folks – it would be easier for Wiley to make up a 6 point deficit than 10.

When you look at the map of how NYC voted, what stands out strikingly is that Adams took almost all of Brooklyn and all of the Bronx. He decisively took the Black & Hispanic vote in NYC. When Adams recently said that we need to “destroy the myth” that Black and Brown folks don’t want law and order in their communities, nothing could back his statement up more than the way the vote fell in his favor. Regardless of what your opinion is about Black & Hispanic support for Adams the fact remains here it cannot be denied that this is what has placed him in 1st place. I’ve heared some argue that Black & Hispanic New Yorkers want their communities to be safe more than anything else right now and they believe former police officer Eric Adams is going to do that. The position that has come to be known as “defund the police” seems to be more popular among left-wing white voters than minority voters. There is also likely a differece on issues of crime and safety based not just on race but also age, howeever we don’t yet have data on age from the election yet.

TEACHERS FOR CHOICE is not taking an organizational stance on issues of crime, safety or policing, but merely pointing out what the data from the election seems to be telling us.

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