Michael Kane’s Official Letter Resigning from the UFT

If you are a UFT member and wish to keep your job but resign from your union, learn precisely how to do so by clicking right HERE.

Your process will start by sending a letter exactly like I just did below:


SENT TO: mmulgrew@uft.org fperkin@schools.nyc.gov optoutuftnyc@gmail.com (payroll secretary email address withheld)

SUBJECT LINE: Union Resignation

August 30, 2021
NYC Dept Of Education
65 Court Street
Room 1400
Brooklyn, NY 11201

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to notify you that I do not want to be a member of the union that represents my position. If your records indicate that I am a union member, I hereby resign my membership in the union and all of its affiliates effective immediately.

The United States Supreme Court has ruled I cannot be compelled to pay any union dues or fees as a condition of my employment. I no longer want to pay any dues or fees to the union. As of this date, I revoke any dues deduction authorization that I may have signed, and no longer authorize the deduction of any union dues or fees from my paycheck.

If you, the employer, do not have a signed dues deduction authorization from me, dues deductions are not authorized under state law and by my exercising my First Amendment rights. If you refuse to accept this letter as a resignation of union membership or revocation of dues deduction authorization, please inform me promptly, in writing, of your reasons for so doing. Please also include anything that I may have signed that supports your decision not to honor my request.


Michael Kane

Address and phone number withheld

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