Update on Emergency Alert COVID Vaccine for Kids


One of our supporters called the New York State Speaker of the Assembly Carl Heatie’s office and was assured the bill regarding COVID vaccination and children only allowed pharmacists to administer the shot to kids.

A few important points:

  1. Carl Heastie can never be trusted
  2. Every expert, lawyer and lawmaker we know and trust who has read this bill has no clue what the hell it says, nor what it will do if it becomes a law
  3. John Gilmore has read many “vaccine pharmacist bills” in the past and they simply say ,”This bill will allow a pharmacist to administer the ________ vaccine.”
  4. This bill does not use the aforementioned language at all
  5. We have no idea what lawmakers in Albany are up to with this one, not yet

Thank you to everyone who called your representatives and Albany lawmakers. It is important they know we are watching them very closely and that we don’t trust them as far as we can throw them. – mk

One thought on “Update on Emergency Alert COVID Vaccine for Kids

  1. I called and was directed to read the bill. I did and yes it does give pharmacies the ability to administer the vaccine but also allows the government to mandate the vaccine for children if there is an ‘outbreak.’ Who is to stop them from saying there is an outbreak tomorrow?


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