TEACHERS FOR CHOICE does NOT Support “YT” or the Telegram Channel “NY teachers against vax mandates”

from Michael Kane


UPDATE 12-3-21 – I have absolutely nothing against attorney Patty Finn. She is a reputable lawyer in the medical freedom space for many years. The below opinion has nothing to do with Patty Finn or any of her litigation.


I have had very limited contact with the man who calls himself “YT” or “why” and is affiliated with many Telegram groups, including  “NY Teachers Against vax mandates.”

This telegram group IS NOT in any way affiliated with TEACHERS FOR CHOICE.

I have heard accounts of how YT spearheaded and “funneled” people towards a specific lawsuit that is also not affiliated with TEACHERS FOR CHOICE. Just yesterday I was told that people who contributed money totaling thousands of dollars toward this lawsuit were recently extremely disappointed to learn that the case fell apart and the money is unaccounted for. Even though the case allegedly fell apart, I am also told that folks who are active leaders in this telegram group have just begun a new round of soliciting more money from the members of this group for some new lawsuit.

The following is my opinion:

  • I do not believe anyone should give another dime in any direction that YT is recommending or anyone leading organizing in this telegram group.
  • I do not believe any NYC educator should be following YT or taking advice from him or anyone in the telegram group. 
  • I don’t believe anyone should be following the Telegram group NY teachers against vax mandates.  

My above opinion does not implicate anyone in “wrong-doing.” I have not followed this situation close enough to make such accusations. However I have heard enough from multiple sources who are situated to have first hand knowledge of what is happening to feel confident in publicly stating my opinion as I have just done.

The following people and organizations are those who I DO feel are credible and should be listened to regarding issues impacting NYC Educators, especially those of us on unpaid leave:

  • Rachel Maniscalco
  • John Deluca
  • Mawuli Oliverre
  • Stephanie Edmonds
  • Educators for Freedom

There are others who are trustworthy and knowledgeable of our current situation, but I am going to limit my recommendations to the 6 stated above.

If anyone disagrees with my opinion, that is fine. We are all entitled to our opinion. I do request that you do not email or message or DM your opinion to me. I am not interested in discussing or debating this topic further.

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