Eric Adams Refuses to Meet with Unvaccinated New Yorkers

by Michael Kane


NYC Mayor Eric Adams had promised to meet with anti-mandate protesters when Jo Speaks Truth confronted him at his then-office at Borough Hall in November of 2021. Jo took to Instagram tonight at 9pm to inform everyone that Adams has since refused to meet with Jo or any anti-mandate protesters because they are unvaccinated.

One of the most confusing facts surrounding Adams refusal to meet with the unvaccinated is that the data is showing Omicron is infecting mostly fully vaccinated people. A study out of Denmark found that over 70% of all who contracted Omicron were fully vaccinated.

Just one month ago Adams sat down in his office with Hawk Newsome of Black Lives Matter Greater New York to discuss many issues including vaccine mandates and passports. It is assumed that Newsome is not vaccinated since he is a staunch advocate against mandates and passports. However it is also true that not all anti-mandate activists are unvaccinated; I personally know multiple anti-mandate activists that are fully vaccinated for covid.

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3 thoughts on “Eric Adams Refuses to Meet with Unvaccinated New Yorkers

  1. Why can’t Eric Adams have a zoom meeting with anti mandate protesters? The meeting can be recorded with minutes of the meeting made public.


    1. But just a few weeks ago he met in person with unvaccinated members of BLM Greater New York. Why can’t he meet in person with the anti-mandate faction? And why is he assuming ALL of these folks are unvaccinated? I personally know multiple anti-mandate activists who are fully vaccinated.


  2. So Mr. Adams who new yorkers voted in refuses to speak to any constituent who is not vaccinated. Well that tells me that he only cares about those who are vaccinated and their concerns. Not vaccinated I don’t care about your concerns. Is he listening to the science twice vaxxed and with boosters can still get covid 19 and infect others. But of course the unvaxxed will be blamed. Enough already! Not anti vaccine but for freedom to choose.


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