NEWSDAY Covers our Jan 5 Peaceful Protest

Michael Kane Issues Challenge to NY Senator Brad Hoylman

from Michael Kane


Just 5 days before our anti-mandate rally in Albany, NEWSDAY publishes a piece focused on the upcoming peaceful protest.

Read the report at the following links:

After quoting me and my position at some length, reporter Matthew Chayes quotes NY State Senator Brad Hoylman, a man who has never met a vaccine he does not love and desire to force inject into your child and everyone else. Hoylman defends the need for a state-wide vaccine database, which would be the backbone of a state-wide vaccine passport.

Here is the quote from Hoylman:

(Hoylman) said the state needs “accurate, up-to-date data on vaccine uptake.” Asked why a change in the status quo of vaccine record-keeping is necessary, he said: “It’s not because anyone’s trying to implant a chip in their brain, or track their whereabouts with a satellite. This is the level of lunacy that we’re operating on. And it needs to be called out for what it is: Vaccine hesitancy is tantamount to flat-Earth theories.”

Firstly – Hoylman’s ridiculous attack about a “brain chip implant” is nonsense; it is merely a head fake away from the real issues at hand. It’s the typical type of smear he often uses, coming from Big Pharma’s favorite New York Senate puppet.

Secondly – To say “vaccine hesitancy is tantamount to flat-Earth theories” is one of the most anti-science statements one could possibly make on this topic, especially as it relates to covid.

I call on Senator Brad Hoylman to debate this ridiculous statement with myself and the likes of Dr. Marty Makary of John’s Hopkins University (former W.H.O. Board Member) and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford. Hoylman is more than welcome to bring any health experts he so desires to defend his opinion. Let’s have a live virtual debate!

Hoylman I’m speaking directly to you here — if you believe in your statements so strongly you should have no problem debating them in public. If you are a shill and a puppet for Big Pharma – as I openly accuse you of being – then you will not accept this challenge.

Everyone please send the link for this post to Hoylman via email at

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Retweet the following tweet and tag Hoylman, his Twitter handle is @bradhoylman

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