Here’s how to write a letter to your elected officials

by Michael Kane



Writing this letter is not as hard as you think.

When we go to Albany, NY on January 5 for a massive peaceful protest against medical mandates, we have suggested you write a letter to your elected officials to be hand delivered. This is very important.

Only two things sway politicians – money and votes. Nothing else.

We don’t have much money, but we have votes.

The personal letter shows your elected official YOU will vote them out if they support codifying covid mandates into state law, and 2022 is an election year. You can, and should, email this letter to your elected officials. However nothing is more impactful than a physical letter delivered to your elected officials office. Since you are going to be in Albany, it’s the perfect opportunity to do exactly this.

Here’s how you write the letter:

FIRST find out who represents you – this is your assembly member and state senator.

Find your assembly member by putting your address in at this link –

Find your state senator by putting your address in at this link –


SECOND write a letter.

What should the letter say? Here is a general layout

PARAGRAPH 1 Say who you are and the exact neighborhood you are from. Tell if you grew up there your entire life or moved there as a kid 20 years ago, 10 years ago, etc… in just two sentences. Let them know what ROOTS you have in your community. Are you a member of a civic organization? (FYI – NEW YORK FREEDOM RALLY is a civic organization, so is TEACHERS FOR CHOICE). Have you donated to NYFR or TFC? Have you been involved in any protest activity lately? Rallies? Marched over the Brooklyn Bridge? Protested in front of your union’s main office building? Engaged in a “shoe drop” at your child’s school? Have you done a sit-in? Have you witnessed a sit-in? Do you support the anti-mandate sit-in activists? Have you been arrested recently for fighting for your rights? Have you documented your brothers and sisters being arrested? Have you protested outside of a police precinct when one of your brothers or sisters was being detained for trying to eat a meal? Are you part of any lawsuits suing NYC over medical mandates? This paragraph introduce yourself and shows that you are an active member of your community whose voice is influencing those around you.

PARAGRAPH 2 Make clear you oppose ALL COVID MANDATES BEING CODIFIED INTO LAW. You can include any of the bill numbers that are at the top of this post but the truth is in 2022 there are so many laws looking to codify mandates into law it is going to be impossible to mention them all. You want this paragraph to be CLEAR that you oppose all mandates, especially any-and-all vaccine mandates being codified into New York State law and if your elected officials vote YES to any such mandate you will be working to vote them out in the Spring and Fall (during the primary election and again in the general election). It’s even better if you can let them know you will vote FOR them if they vote against all mandate bills.

FINAL PARAGRAPH – Thank them for reading your letter and ask to meet with them. You want them to know you will be watching them like a hawk for the next 6 months (the legislative session in Albany runs from January to June, then they are off for 6 months trying to get reelected). Make sure you have your name, address, email and phone number on this letter. That is very important. Know that your elected official is very aware they can not share any of that information with anyone else. Do not fear identifying yourself clearly in this letter.

Lastly, print out 6 copies of the letter and place them in envelopes with your name and address on them and your elected officials name and address. Take all 6 letters with you to the Jan 5 Peaceful Protest in Albany, NY. It may be hard for us to hand deliver all of the letters, but organizers are working right now to figure out how to do this. We will also have hundreds of people video-documenting everything that happens as it happens in Albany, and having your letters in hand will make for great visuals of New York citizens peacefully demanding their right to be heard.


UPDATE: For paragraph two, here are some additional topics you can choose to discuss. Pick what resonates most for you:

Topic ideas for paragraph 2 (the details)

  • Vaccine mandates
  • No recognition of natural immunity
  • Mask Mandates
  • Loss of bodily autonomy
  • Lack of concern for religion beliefs
  • Government overreach
  • Constant fear and threat of losing livelihood
  • Loss of job due to these mandates
  • Executive power taken without due process
  • Discrimination of the unvaccinated
  • Constantly moving the goalposts
  • Inferior hospital care
  • Illegal mandate for healthcare workers and others
  • Lack of listening to constituents needs, wants and desires
  • Failure to represent the people

4 thoughts on “Here’s how to write a letter to your elected officials

  1. Contact mayor Adams too and tell him to remove the mandates that he plans to keep. It seemed like he was open to negotiations but from what I read it doesn’t seem likely


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