ALL NYC Workers Sue Over Vaccine Mandate

Just filed today!

by Michael Kane


I could not be more honored and proud to be working with my attorney Sujata Gibson who has been up all night for days and days finalizing multiple briefs in multiple courts. I am sure the attorneys at Nelson Madden Black are busting out all nighters as well. Thank you so much and God bless you all!

Just days after KANE vs DE BLASIO filed an emergency motion in SCOTUS, all NYC Workers who are being fired for declining covid vaccination due to sincerely held religious beliefs have filed a new lawsuit in the Eastern District Federal Court in New York.



Attached are all of the court documents filed today.

4 thoughts on “ALL NYC Workers Sue Over Vaccine Mandate

  1. We are all standing strong with you!!! They’ll try to divide us but we are one! God bless you for your leadership and the attorneys working all night as well! Big love!!


  2. Please add my name to this lawsuit.Because my agency is an NYC Government vendor that provides Security services I am ALSO affected by this.


  3. Please add my to the list.Because my agency is a NYC GOVERNMENT VENDOR that provides Security services to NYC GOVERNMENT AGENCIES I am also affected.


  4. As an Ibew member I am saddened that the city I worked in for 20+ years has turned into a dictatorship. Ive warned many colleagues about electing “progressive” or Radical democrats who Hate freedom. If we still dont see that the left hates Freedom then its game over. Its nice to kumbayya over this but voting left will ultimately lead to what we are seeing all over the world quite frankly. The Progressives hate freedom and in my humble opinion hate America. Plain and simple. God bless and may God help us.


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