NYC Mayor Eric Adams “ends” Vaccine Mandate

And RAGE AGAINST THE WAR MACHINE! Feb 19, Washington DC Michael Kane interviews Sophy Medina and Brendan Fogarty, firefighters with as well as John Deluca of After that interview Kane speaks to Angela McArdle, the National Chair of the Libertarian Party to discuss RAGE AGAINST THE WAR MACHINE in Washington DC on FebruaryContinue reading “NYC Mayor Eric Adams “ends” Vaccine Mandate”

NY Medical Freedom Attorneys Zoom Meeting Part 1

February 1, 2023, 7:30 pm Registration link: Attorneys Sujata Gibson, Chad LaVeglia, Jimmy Wagner and Barry Black will be giving updates on the many legal cases they are fighting on behalf of fired & banned workers in New York, including many victories they have had! This is PART 1 of a two part series,Continue reading “NY Medical Freedom Attorneys Zoom Meeting Part 1”

RFK video clip NEWSMAX interview and promoting #JAN10Albany Rally

Watch interview of Firefighter Sophy Medina and Michael Kane on NEWSMAX (Click on Tweet to watch video) *** Watch Robert F. Kennedy Jr. promote the #JAN10Rally for Medical Freedom happening in Albany, NY on Tuesday, January 10, 2023 (Click on Tweet to watch video)

Lee Zeldin and Jimmy Levy Rally for Freedom in NYC!

Saturday, October 22, 12 noon in Manhattan on Broadway next to City Hall Park Press Release 10-20-22 The fight for Medical Freedom in NYC continues this Saturday as Lee Zeldin and Jimmy Levy will rally on Broadway next to City Hall Park with hundreds, if not thousands of supporters. The rally is sponsored by NYContinue reading “Lee Zeldin and Jimmy Levy Rally for Freedom in NYC!”

LAWSUIT UPDATE – Deposition May 24

from Michael Kane My long-term followers are very well aware of the case KANE vs DE BLASIO as well as our “twin” case KEIL vs NYC. Both are challenging the legitimacy of the religious exemption to vaccination process for educators in the NYC DOE. However there is another critical case doing the exact same thingContinue reading “LAWSUIT UPDATE – Deposition May 24”

Tell City Council in NYC Rehire Fired and Banned Workers!!!

Rehire Workers Fired for Declining Covid Vaccination ✳️SUPPORT RES 106-2022 Help get jobs back for Firefighters, Police Officers, Teachers, Healthcare workers and more! Take action New York! NYC Council Minority Leader Joseph Borelli has introduced a resolution calling on Mayor Eric Adams to rehire city employees who were fired because they did not get theContinue reading “Tell City Council in NYC Rehire Fired and Banned Workers!!!”

Fired NYC Workers Press Conference

This is NOT a Protest. Do not bring signs, do not bring bullhorns Tuesday, March 29, 10:30 am Flushing Meadow Park Unisphere *** Press Release from Councilwoman Vickie Paladino:

ALL NYC Workers Sue Over Vaccine Mandate

Just filed today! by Michael Kane 2-11-22 I could not be more honored and proud to be working with my attorney Sujata Gibson who has been up all night for days and days finalizing multiple briefs in multiple courts. I am sure the attorneys at Nelson Madden Black are busting out all nighters as well.Continue reading “ALL NYC Workers Sue Over Vaccine Mandate”

Vaccinated NYC Workers Stand with their Unvaccinated Brothers and Sisters

Tramell Thompson Brings the #RipItUp Challenge to City Hall Associated Press Covers #RipItUP PRESS RELEASE 2-8-22 NYC’s Transit & Labor Leader, Tramell Thompson, led a group of city workers in ripping up their vaccine cards in front of City Hall yesterday. Thompson is vaccinated himself, but ripped up his vaccine card in protest on JanuaryContinue reading “Vaccinated NYC Workers Stand with their Unvaccinated Brothers and Sisters”

 #RipItUp Challenge

From Michael Kane 2-5-22 On Monday February 7 there is a major protest led by members of the FDNY who will be ripping up their vaccine cards with NYC’s Transit & Labor Leader Tramell Thompson. What is #RipItUp? RIP IT UP is where our vaccinated brothers & sisters stand up for the rights of theContinue reading ” #RipItUp Challenge”