Teachers for Choice Disavows OPERATION TAKE BACK AMERICA

Critical Post for all in the Medical Freedom Movement and/or Convoy Movement

by Michael Kane


Teachers for Choice (TFC) is extremely happy with the successful, peaceful trip to Buffalo from NYC and Tennessee last weekend. It was amazing to coordinate with fantastic local activists in Buffalo and Canada to make the weekend a phenomenal success!

However we want to make clear that TFC has absolutely nothing to do with Carolina Bonita and OPERATION TAKE BACK AMERICA (OTBA)

About two weeks ago a flyer was developed to promote the Saturday convoy “slow roll” and rally on Saturday February 12. An associate of mine immediately brought to my attention that OTBA had its logo and Instagram account on the flyer right next to TFC. OTBA is the brand of Carolina Bonita, aka Carolina G., (and other aliases). I immediately called all the parties involved and found out the flyer was not made by a local Buffalo activist but was in fact made by Carolina Bonita herself.

Bonita is a known, outed agent for as-of-yet unknown forces that do not have the best intentions of the people at the heart of their mission in my opinion. This has been thoroughly documented in the THEMIS REPORT which has been republished and referenced by Children’s Health Defense and can be located and downloaded at the following link:


(I recommend downloading and reading the entire 13 page pdf at this link — https://img1.wsimg.com/blobby/go/dc56e0ef-12f2-48c3-a87d-467422ae77db/The%20Themis%20Report_06Oct2021-0006.pdf)

I discussed Bonita’s spotty history with activists and organizers involved in planning the weekend events in Buffalo, which included people in Buffalo, Canada and others very far from the region but affiliated with the planning. Not one of them had a good experience working with Bonita based on my discussions with them. Some choice words referring to Bonita came up in many of my discussions with these organizers including “liar.”

It is concerning that we are hearing rumors that Bonita will be headed back to Buffalo to plan truck convoys just days before the new launch date for the PEOPLE’S CONVOY to DC, which was just moved up 10 days to launch on February 23.

If you trust and respect TFC then stay away from OTBA.

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