Medical Freedom Infiltration

The Bonita Report

by Michael Kane


Back in February of this year I was the first member of the Medical Freedom Community to put my name to public criticisms of Carolina Bonita, aka Carolina Galvan, aka Patricia Rodriguez (her real name).

You can read my post about Carolina here:

Teachers for Choice Disavows Operation Take Back America.

Now, many more Medical Freedom voices have joined me.

Dr. Robert Malone has publicly accused Carolina of attempted blackmail, Dr. Pierre Kory has warned everyone in a tweet to “not engage or interact” with Carolina calling her “toxic and destructive,” and DEFEAT THE MANDTATES retweeted Dr. Kory’s tweet saying that Carolina tried to “hijack the DC Defeat the Mandates rally.”

Now a new report called “The Bonita Report” reveals the destructive actions Carolina unleashed on the American Convoy Movement that began in March of 2022. In this report The People’s Convoy lead trucker Brian Brase is quoted as saying Carolina attempted to bring a car into the Hagerstown Speedway (while The People’s Convoy was camped there) that was “armed to the teeth” with a trunk full of guns!

Every time something big is happening in the Medical Freedom Community, Carolina shows up and attempts to undermine our efforts. Steer clear, she is a danger to us and the good we hope to achieve.

Make sure to also read The Themis Report, which documents infiltration in the Medical Freedom Movement with a special focus on World Wide Demonstration. The Themis Report can be viewed as a “part 1” on the topic, and The Bonita Report a “part 2.”


screenshot of Dr. Kory’s tweet:

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