TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Statement on Convoy’s in America

by Michael Kane


(this statement only represents the views of Michael Kane as founder of TEACHERS FOR CHOICE)


As of today TEACHERS FOR CHOICE is removing itself from any affiliation with any American convoy groups. I am currently in the process of helping the development of a CONVOY UPDATE show for CHD.TV to cover convoy activities as press which begins on February 23, 2022. I will be covering this as press, not working as an organizer.

It was fantastic to work with Denby Melisha Morgan from Tennessee who was the central founding member of CONVOY TO SAVE AMERICA. I am sure I will work with her again on other grassroots activities. In fact she has organized a rally at the Canadian Consulate in Atlanta today to compliment our rally in NYC today (2-22-22) at 3pm.


I support peaceful grassroots activist work around the truckers and people on the ground who will be at overpasses and truck stops, etc…


From my analysis and the analysis of my most trusted experts, the Telegram channels are 100% controlled by an intelligence operation. ALL OF THEM appear to be with the exception of 2 channels which aren’t even involved in tomorrow’s convoy launch.

Everyone just be very careful how you engage. Show your support for peaceful legal activities. Steer clear of anonymous administrators and actors on Telegram channels. Stay WAY clear of them!

If it goes badly, and somehow violence ensues it could destroy all of the phenomenal momentum the medical freedom movement has gained over the past year. We went from being a ‘fringe minority’ in 2019 to being part of the mainstream political debate. We are a huge voting bloc now!

Right now the Democrats are staring at a massive slaughter in the midterm elections. It would take a massive cataclysm to change that – something like a J-6 style debacle involving thousands of trucks all across America.

Be safe.

Be careful.

Be smart.

Be peaceful.



from New York Freedom Rally & Teachers for Choice

We fully support ending the mandates and regaining all freedoms in Canada and the United States. However, we are in no way involved with the two main convoys being organized within the U.S. on Telegram – or any other convoy organizing taking place – based on the following concerns:  

THE PEOPLE’S CONVOY was founded on Telegram under the umbrella group Patriots United. Due to their lack of transparency, shifty tactics in building their consolidated group, and the consistent and unwarranted bullying of members, we wish to make clear our dissociation from The People’s Convoy telegram group.

USA SUPER CONVOY FOR FREEDOM was organized under TRUCKERS FOR FREEDOM. Due to foreign entities running both groups, abusive spamming to create the USA Super Convoy group, and a divisive and instigating tone, we wish to make clear our dissociation from the USA Super Convoy and Truckers for Freedom. 

We strongly encourage people to be discerning in participating in any convoy-related activity. Our investigations have determined the above groups appear suspect. We believe involvement with them could subject participants to adverse legal consequences.

3 thoughts on “TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Statement on Convoy’s in America

  1. Some of those protesters could be Soros operatives! They could be actors that are trying to deem legitimate protestors as a violent mob! Thanks for alerting the true patriots who believe in peacefully protest not violent mayhem!

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    1. Yes there could be people in place that are not true, genuine activists. Those people are always around. They were around at DEFEAT THE MANDATES in DC but everyone was so incredibly loving and peaceful there was no kindling for them to burn their fire.

      That’s the key. We need to keep our own side of the street clean and do NOT get involved with anonymous actors on telegram who are “organizing efforts” across America. I have no faith in the Telegram channels at all. And that is a shame. Any grassroots organizing effort needs a legitimate telegram channel because it is the only access point for common people to be involved. Facebook censorship has made it nearly impossible to organize on that platform and this is why all the activists are on Telegram. It is unforgiveable to have your name and brand on a Telegram channel that gets taken over by an intelligence operation and you alert no one to that fact. – mk


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