Critical History of Ukraine

Essential 2016 Documentary from Oliver Stone

From Michael Kane


TEACHERS FOR CHOICE does not hold a political position on the current war in Ukraine. We are against war in general as it almost never holds the best interests of the people on either side of the conflict. The common folk are cannon fodder for the aspirations and “dreams” of politicians, corporations, and billionaires; dreams that are the common man’s nightmare. Nevertheless it is critical for everyone to know the history that led up to the current conflict.

UKRAINE ON FIRE is a 2016 documentary from Oliver Stone that chronicles the history and turmoil of Ukraine in a centuries old struggle of “East vs. West.” Everyone needs to watch this movie. I have watched it twice and continue to go back to sections for informational reference.

The only legitimate academic dispute over the Neo-Nazi presence in modern-day Ukraine is whether the term “Neo” belongs there at all. During World War II many in Ukraine welcomed the German Nazis, collaborating directly with them, as they invaded the Soviet Union. Tens of thousands of Jews and Poles were killed by Ukrainian Fascists that were directly allied with Hitler’s S.S. When the Nuremberg trials occurred no one from Ukraine stood trial because those Nazis served an important purpose to American Intelligence Agencies: the Cold War had begun, and Ukrainian Nazis were crucial allies for Washington against the Soviet Union. This set the stage for “Ukrainian Nationalism” to maintain strong links to Fascism and Nazism even today.

The Nazi presence currently in the Ukraine by no means represents the majority of the country. Some estimate it at 8 to 10%. However the political IMPACT these various Fascist groups have is profound especially since they enjoy the favor of the highest politicians currently in Washington. It is often said in the mainstream media that since the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is Jewish there can’t possibly be (neo-)Nazis in the Ukranian government.

Zelenskyy is essentially a puppet of Washington, and Washington is also supporting the Nazi Fascists in Ukraine. Zelenskyy has no choice but to work with this small but powerful force in his country. According to Max Blumenthal of, when Zelenskyy told the Nazi/Fascist forces to stop their illegal shelling of ethnic Russians in Eastern Ukraine they basically told Zelenskyy to f*ck off. The Fascists have rolled Zelenskyy. He is a weak, impotent president who is trapped answering to Washington and Nazis.

Watch Blumenthal and Jimmy Dore break down the current Ukrainian reality HERE.

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