Medical Freedom Infiltration

The Bonita Report by Michael Kane 11-10-22 Back in February of this year I was the first member of the Medical Freedom Community to put my name to public criticisms of Carolina Bonita, aka Carolina Galvan, aka Patricia Rodriguez (her real name). You can read my post about Carolina here: Teachers for Choice Disavows OperationContinue reading “Medical Freedom Infiltration”

Michael Kane interviews Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

RFK’s first comments on the announced resignation of Anthony Fauci Watch interview here: The tide is turning — will you sit by and watch, or will you take part in this momentous time in history? Special guest Robert F. Kennedy makes a public statement on Anthony Fauci’s resignation and its significance. Then, two otherContinue reading “Michael Kane interviews Robert F. Kennedy Jr.”

Families are Essential will join protestors at U.S. Open calling for end to all travel mandates

“It remains unscientific and unsound to maintain any of these mandates, especially the ones at the border. If we just consider that persons can cross the Southern border with no vaccine and be allowed in, then it makes the mandate application to Novak nonsensical,” — Dr. Paul Alexander PhD, global expert on COVID-19, former memberContinue reading “Families are Essential will join protestors at U.S. Open calling for end to all travel mandates”

Rally at the US OPEN Monday 8-29-22

Rally at the US OPEN Monday August 29, 9:30am NEAR Billie Jean King Center * Flushing, NY In DESIGNATED PROTEST AREA next to DAVID DINKINS CIRCLE: get exact location by clicking HERE PUBLIC TRANSPORATION IS BEST WAY TO GET TO PROTEST! Parking is crazy on day 1 of US Open Get public transit info byContinue reading “Rally at the US OPEN Monday 8-29-22”

Follow the rules but don’t follow stupid rules

by Michael Kane 7-15-22 Jordan Peterson is commonly known to make profound statements, and this is one of them: “Follow the rules, but don’t follow stupid rules.” For Peterson the stupid rule was “compelled speech” in Canada and the University system. For me the stupid rule was NYC’s vaccine mandate to maintain employment. I wasContinue reading “Follow the rules but don’t follow stupid rules”

DEFUND the W.H.O. ???

Must Watch Interview! 5-26-22 Watch here: AMAZING interview with Valerie Borek of STAND FOR HEALTH FREEDOM covering how to Defund the W.H.O., the International Health Regulations (I.H.R.), and the Global Pandemic Treaty. In just 30 minutes Borek is able to break down very complex topics into easy understandable information. Also videos, photos and musicContinue reading “DEFUND the W.H.O. ???”

Protest at United Nations Against the W.H.O. Power Grab

At the United Nations in Manhattan Tuesday, May 24th at 5pm This is going to be a BIG FIGHT! While most are falling back to sleep, incorrectly believing that “mandates are over” the World Health Organization (WHO) is laying out the framework for a power-grab unlike anything we have ever seen in the history ofContinue reading “Protest at United Nations Against the W.H.O. Power Grab”

World Freedom Declaration

Sign This Critical Declaration Against the W.HO. Power Grab by Clicking HERE Teachers for Choice is a signatory Add your signature to this declaration which is in opposition to the new amendments to the World Health Organization’s International Health Regulations – *** We, the undersigned, oppose the proposed amendments to the International Health RegulationsContinue reading “World Freedom Declaration”

Critical History of Ukraine

Essential 2016 Documentary from Oliver Stone From Michael Kane 3-13-22 TEACHERS FOR CHOICE does not hold a political position on the current war in Ukraine. We are against war in general as it almost never holds the best interests of the people on either side of the conflict. The common folk are cannon fodder forContinue reading “Critical History of Ukraine”

Wall Street Investor Blows Whistle on Dangers of Covid Vaccine

“The Greatest Crime Ever Committed” Edward Dowd interviewed by Naomi Wolfe If the Mainstream Media won’t report it and politicians won’t acknowledge it, will the people recognize it if Pfizer and Moderna tank on Wall St.? That is what Wall Street investor Edward Dowd is banking on. He has exposed what he calls a massiveContinue reading “Wall Street Investor Blows Whistle on Dangers of Covid Vaccine”