World Freedom Declaration

Sign This Critical Declaration by Clicking HERE Teachers for Choice is a signatory Add your signature to this declaration which is in opposition to the new amendments to the World Health Organization’s International Health Regulations – *** We, the undersigned, oppose the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR), an attempt to implementContinue reading “World Freedom Declaration”

Critical History of Ukraine

Essential 2016 Documentary from Oliver Stone From Michael Kane 3-13-22 TEACHERS FOR CHOICE does not hold a political position on the current war in Ukraine. We are against war in general as it almost never holds the best interests of the people on either side of the conflict. The common folk are cannon fodder forContinue reading “Critical History of Ukraine”

Wall Street Investor Blows Whistle on Dangers of Covid Vaccine

“The Greatest Crime Ever Committed” Edward Dowd interviewed by Naomi Wolfe If the Mainstream Media won’t report it and politicians won’t acknowledge it, will the people recognize it if Pfizer and Moderna tank on Wall St.? That is what Wall Street investor Edward Dowd is banking on. He has exposed what he calls a massiveContinue reading “Wall Street Investor Blows Whistle on Dangers of Covid Vaccine”

Rally at Canadian Consulate in NYC, AGAIN!

Tuesday, 2-22-22, 3pm We have demands! 2-21-22 Same day as RALLY IN DETROIT Same day as RALLY IN ATLANTA The brutality against the peaceful Canadian people is clearly a crime against humanity. Justin Trudeau has gone too far declaring war on his own people. One grandmother was trampled by an RCMP horse, hospitalized with a dislocatedContinue reading “Rally at Canadian Consulate in NYC, AGAIN!”

Militarized Police Move in to Ottawa

Everyone needs to get to Canadian Consulates All Across the World! 2-18-22 In NYC we go back to the Canadian Consulate on Tuesday February 22, 2022. Times and plans to be announced. We will rally, march, and #DanceLikeCanadians Check tweets below for updates on the bleak situation in Ottawa: Nearly 3 hours of video ofContinue reading “Militarized Police Move in to Ottawa”

Dance Like Canadians!

NYC Rallies and Dances in Front of Canadian Consulate As the truck convoy parked in Ottawa enters its third week in the Canadian Capital, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invokes a war-time emergency powers act which is effectively martial law for the country. NYC activists rally and dance in front of the Canadian Consulate in ManhattanContinue reading “Dance Like Canadians!”

EMERGENCY Protest at Canadian Consulate in NYC!

Tuesday 2-15-22, 12 noon, 466 Lexington Ave 2-13-22 The province of Ottawa just announced a State of Emergency in regards to the Peaceful Canadian Truckers fighting for their fundamental rights. We are very nervous this is the first step towards violence being perpetrated on the brave truckers and there supporters who are in the midstContinue reading “EMERGENCY Protest at Canadian Consulate in NYC!”

Route for Peaceful Convoy from Tennessee to Buffalo

Leaving Tennessee Saturday February 11 2022 Here is a mapped out route you can get all the details – Here is a word document of the 5 Stops on the Tennessee Convoy. Note we have called the owners of all the Truck Stops and gotten express permission to be a lot to stop onContinue reading “Route for Peaceful Convoy from Tennessee to Buffalo”

Convoy to Save America GO FUND ME SHUTDOWN!

Please donate to our GIVE SEND GO by Michael Kane 2-6-22 The GO FUND ME we promoted to support the Convoy to Save America has been SHUTDOWN! It was called the American Solidarity Convoy and it has been taken down by GO FUND ME. Check for yourself: Please donate to our GIVE SEND GOContinue reading “Convoy to Save America GO FUND ME SHUTDOWN!”

FIRST PRESS CONFERENCE Canadian Freedom Convoy 2022

TORONTO STAR and CBC Banned from Press Conference! by Michael Kane 1-31-22 The lead organizers of the historic Ottawa Truck Freedom Convoy 2022 held their first press conference and explained why most MSM organizations were excluded from it. Spokesman Benjamin Dichter, who is a fully vaccinated trucker, explained it was CBC and Toronto Star thatContinue reading “FIRST PRESS CONFERENCE Canadian Freedom Convoy 2022”