150 E. 42nd St, Manhattan, 12-4-21, 4pm Around the world most are happening at 12noon, but in NYC it is 4pm As bad as things are in New York, it’s nothing compared to the nightmare Austalia has devolved into. Look at all the rights the Australians have lost as they struggle against forced medical mandates:Continue reading “PROTEST AT NYC AUSTRALIAN CONSULATE”

Indigenous People Against Australian Biosecurity Fascism

11-26-21 Indigenous people of Australia tell the world in their own words what is happening to them with forced covid vaccination policies. Watch their testimony on Instagram by clicking HERE. Below are some critical quotes from these indigenous natives of Australia: *** “WE NEED INTERNATIONAL HELP!” “This is a land grab, this has nothing toContinue reading “Indigenous People Against Australian Biosecurity Fascism”

Emergency Motions Filed to Second Circuit Court in KANE vs DE BLASIO

by Michael Kane 10-27-21 On Monday October 25th a notice of appeal was filed to the second circuit federal court in KANE vs. DE BLASIO. On Tuesday October 26th the emergency motions were filed which can be downloaded as a pdf file here: The emergency motions ask for an injunction to be issued no laterContinue reading “Emergency Motions Filed to Second Circuit Court in KANE vs DE BLASIO”

Emergency Use Authorization = EXPERIMENTAL

Legal Response to the Department of Justice The following email was sent to United Federation of Teachers (UFT) President Michael Mulgrew with Randi Weingarten and Andy Pallotta cc’d on August 6, 2021, at 5:10 am. Feel free to re-send this letter to them yourself, if you are so inclined: <>, <>, <> *** To theContinue reading “Emergency Use Authorization = EXPERIMENTAL”

COVID Vaccine Failure in Israel

by Michael Kane 7-17-21 Israel’s population of 9 million is the most vaccinated in the world. News is now breaking from Israel that the COVID vaccine has a negligible effect against the Delta variant of SARS CoV-2, and total number of hospitalizations is slightly higher in the vaccinated according to analysis from Trial Site News.Continue reading “COVID Vaccine Failure in Israel”

Uprising In France Over MEDICAL MANDATES

7-16-21 All across Twitter on Bastille Day video after video kept flying by my feed of thousands of people uprising in France in multiple cities. This comes just as London seems to have hundreds of thousands protesting in the streets every other week against forced vaccination and vaccine passports. Similar uprisings occurred in Greece asContinue reading “Uprising In France Over MEDICAL MANDATES”