Is Jeff Dinowitz, the Assembly’s biggest pharma puppet, on his way out? AOC wants him gone.

From John Gilmore


Jeffrey Dinowitz, the vaccine industry’s most loyal puppet in the New York Assembly is facing an unprecedented primary challenge from Jessica Altagracia Woolford in the Democratic primary scheduled for next Tuesday. 

Woolford most recently worked as spokesperson for US Senator Kristen Gillibrand. She is 40 years younger than Dinowitz, and she is a Latina in an increasingly Latino district. 

Dinowitz is the author of the repeal of the religious exemption from vaccine mandates that passed in 2019. He is also the author of a pharmaceutical company wish list including bills to require the Covid shot for all K-12 students in New York, a repeal of religious exemptions for college and employment, mandatory annual flu shots for k-12 students among others that would deliver large sums of money annually to drug companies. 

In a recent mailer Woolford said, “Assemblymember Jeffrey Dinowitz is out of touch. He’s spent 28 years in Albany taking money from big corporations, pharmaceutical companies, and rich real estate developers.”

Dinowitz has a dismal record with people of color.  He admitted in a 2019 deposition that he had never hired an African-American staffer. And an ex-elementary-school administrator in the Bronx collected $230,000 from the city in 2018 in a settlement for his suit charging he was punished for being a whistleblower. Manny Verdi, ex-assistant principal of PS 24 in Riverdale, sued the Department of Education in 2016, claiming a superintendent pressured him to resign after he accused Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz of meddling in the admissions process to prevent poor, minority kids from enrolling.

Woolford  has some powerful endorsement including Alexandra Ocasio Cortez. The politics got more complicated recently when Woolford was endorsed by State Senator Gustavo Rivera, the chair of Senate Health Committee and the most powerful Latino legislator in Albany. Rivera’s district was redrawn and now includes almost all of Dinowitz’s district. It is unheard of for Assemblymembers and State Senators of the same party whose districts overlap NOT to endorse each other. But Rivera wants Dinowitz to go. 

Woolford is also endorsed by State Senator Alessandra Biaggi. Dinowitz’s district was almost wholly contained with Biaggi’s district until the recent rearrangement.  So both the State Senator who was mostly closely tied to Dinowitz and the Senator who will be most closely tied to Dinowitz (if they are both re-elected) want him out of office. 

Woolford has the endorsement of the Working Families Party, so she will likely appear again on the ballot in November regardless of the outcome of the Democratic Party primary. 

Don’t forget to vote next Tuesday, June 28 in the Assembly and Gubernatorial primaries. Turnout is expected to be very low so if our community turns out in force we will have a much greater impact. 

Information on Dinowitz not hiring black people:

Information on Dinowitz prevent students of color form enrolling in Riverdale schools:

More information of Woolford:

One thought on “Is Jeff Dinowitz, the Assembly’s biggest pharma puppet, on his way out? AOC wants him gone.

  1. I met him yesterday. He was rude and dismissive, especially to my sign in Spanish, which he does not speak. It is scary to think that he is forcing vaccines on people – I was informed that he has shares in vaccine companies. Does anyone have info on this? I will be talking about this on SABOR,
    88.9fm a Spanish radio station. Also up for discussion will be the Jeffrey Epstein estate – which belongs to his brother Mark – is it being secretly parceled out to the Clinton Foundation – and Adriano Espaillat – who supports Fauci. The fact that he supports Fauci made me decide to run as a write in (Independent) candidate for congress in the 13th Congressional District.
    We need better officials than Espaillat or Dinowitz.


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