Teacher Noelle Florio’s Battle Continues

(Noelle Florio with her attorney Sean Dixon)

Next hearing is April 26 – William Floyd Union Free School District District Office 240 Mastic Beach Road, Mastic Beach, NY 11951

Noelle is asking everyone who can to please show up peacefully and respectfully to her next hearing on April 26. The below is from Noelle and her team:


It’s been nearly two years since Rev. Noelle Florio has seen the inside of her classroom and close to seven months since she’s been formally charged with what Teachers for Choice has coined as “Covid Mandate Psychosis” along with eight other counts of insubordination, misconduct, and neglect of duty.

All because she opposed and was medically intolerant of wearing a mask.

Her fight is long and arduous, no doubt designed to exhaust her emotionally, spiritually and financially.  What does it matter to the William Floyd Union Free School District?  Their pockets are deep- at the expense of their tax paying constituents. 

It is a fact that standard 3020-a proceeding in the 1980’s cost upwards of  $300-500,000!  One could only imagine how much money and time the District has spent in seeking to make an example of Rev. Noelle and her desire to uphold the sanctity of her spiritual and medical freedoms.

The District has done everything they can to suggest Noelle is unhinged, unstable, and unfit despite the medical expertise of several physicians.  The last testimony by Noelle’s physician proved that she is a conscientious patient, who is compliant and willing to follow the best course of treatment to manage her underlying health condition.  Still, the District has sought to disparage her medical treatment that spans over the course of several years, including the ones she was actively teaching without any concern for her “mental fitness” 

She and her attorney, Sean M. Dixon, as well as Betsy Combier, an advocate for NY/NYC teachers, are immersed in a grueling battle to defend Noelle’s honor and unblemished teaching record.

Noelle just recently reported to me that she’s heard from her former students who recall her visionary predictions of their future success, as well as sharing her students’ endorsements of voting her Teacher of the Month on more than one occasion.

Updates to Noelle’s schedule of appearances:

April 20th- 8am-1pm Noelle intends to start her testimony, though she anticipates it will span across two full days.

April 26th-A key witness and lifelong friend and colleague who accompanied her to the 913 exam as well as the hope that Dr. Peter R. Breggin will be well enough to provide his testimony scheduled for one of these days.

Please  come out peacefully and respectfully to support Noelle and her family.  She is beyond words at the amount of support she’s received to date.  She’s said it has made all the difference.  

Stand together for truth, peace, love and light.


2 thoughts on “Teacher Noelle Florio’s Battle Continues

  1. Dear Noelle, Your courage, your strength and dedication you are such unbelievable hero, in scenario of a world that is 80 percent evil! I am so encouraged that their are people like you in this world. Life changers. You are up there with Susan B Anthony, and Eleanor Roosevelt. An inspiration and hope for us in your position.


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