Letter in Support of Medical Freedom in NY

The following letter can be sent to legislators in Albany, NY in support of Medical Freedom. Please make sure to come to Albany on May 16 for our TIME FOR MEDICAL FREEDOM Rally!

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Dear ________

I am reaching out to you to express my opposition to two major issues that threaten New Yorkers. The first is the database bill Senate Bill S1531. The second involves New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s current attempt to appeal her quarantine camp regulation which was ruled by the New York State Supreme Court to be illegal and unconstitutional.

Senate Bill S1531 – The Database Bill

Senate Bill S1531 would require hospitals and other medical institutions to turn over the vaccine status of their patients to the government. The primary purpose of this bill will be exactly the same as the current children’s vaccine database: tracking people to identify them for enforcing vaccine mandates. As we saw during COVID especially with the Excelsior vaccine passport, the consequences for failing to obey ill-conceived vaccine mandates not based on science, and in a climate of contempt for individual rights, is the loss of jobs and professions, access to healthcare, banishment from colleges, universities and trade schools, travel, access to public places, prohibition to engage in commerce, and more. Some of these pointless exclusions are still enforced today. Below are additional reasons why I ask that you oppose this database bill.

  • There are no required vaccines for adults, so there is no need for such a bill.
  • It violates a patient’s right to privacy.
  • This bill also violates the confidentiality that is supposed to exist between doctors and patients.
  • Senate Bill S1531 can and will be used to identify and punish people who refuse to take a vaccine.
  • This is a necessary first step toward permanent statewide vaccine passports.
  • It opens the door to the government demanding all medical records, including the psychiatric history of a person.
  • Immigrant rights advocates are concerned it will be used to track and locate undocumented people for enforcement.
  • This database bill will enable the government to target and punish those who refuse to take a vaccine for religious reasons.
  • It will also be used to target and punish African Americans because most of them have refused to take the COVID shot.

Quarantine Appeal

Currently, NY State Governor Kathy Hochul is attempting to bring back her quarantine regulation for New York State. New York State Supreme Court Judge Ronald Ploetz ruled that the quarantine regulation, put in place by Governor Kathy Hochul, was unconstitutional and it was in violation of New York State law.  

Eight months later and just a few hours before the deadline, Governor Kathy Hochul had her Attorney General, Letitia James, filed an appeal of that ruling. This appeal is a waste of taxpayer dollars and if it were to go through, it would be detrimental to New Yorkers and ultimately the entire country for the following reasons.

  • Separation of Powers Threatened – The governor works in the executive branch of the state government. Her job is to enforce laws not to make them. Only the legislative branch of the New York State Government has the power to make laws. Regulations are only meant to support existing laws, but they cannot be turned into laws.  Unfortunately, this is exactly what New York Governor Kathy Hochul has done with her regulation. It is a regulation in name only. In reality, it would have the force of law. This is a clear violation of separation of powers between the executive and legislative branches of government.
  • Quarantine Legislation Already Exists – There is already legislation regarding quarantining people who are considered a health threat to the public. This legislation has been on the books for decades. It has built-in protections for the individual’s rights and for the general public. Given the fact that this legislation already exists, there is no need for this regulation even if it were legal.
  • Assembly Bill 416 – This bill had similar language to Kathy Hochul’s quarantine regulation.  For years it went nowhere in the NY State Legislature, because the legislators did not support such a draconian bill.  The governor is seeking to undermine the will of the elected legislators by creating this legislation which has the force of a law. 
  • No Due Process – There is no due process protection in the Governor’s regulation.  A person does not have the right to a trial.  Once they are placed in a quarantine camp or confined to their home, they lose all of their rights.  
  • No Proof Needed – The health department would not have to provide any proof that a person has a contagious disease.  Furthermore, since a person is not entitled to a trial, they cannot prove to a court that they do not have a contagious disease.
  • No Time Limit – Once a citizen is placed into one of the Governor’s quarantine facilities or confined to their home, they can be held indefinitely.
  • Not Just COVID – Governor Kathy Hochul’s quarantine regulation is not limited to COVID,  but includes a long list of other conditions including things that are not contagious such a Lyme’s disease.
  • Political Weapon – The quarantine regulation could be used to target racial groups, religious groups, political groups and essentially anyone who disagrees with the Governor. This is happening right now in China, Australia and other countries that have already installed quarantine facilities. A climate of fear would be created in New York.
  • The Threat To America – If New York falls and quarantine facilities are allowed to be established, then states across the country will follow.  What happens in New York tends to be replicated across America.

Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox is the one who successfully defeated the Governor’s quarantine regulation in the New York State Supreme Court.  She is now fighting the Governor’s appeal which is expected to go to trial in September.

I would appreciate it if you could  reach out to Governor Kathy Hochul and Attorney General Letitia James and ask them to drop their appeal which is a waste of taxpayer money over a regulation that has already been ruled unconstitutional and illegal.  I also ask that you publicly speak out against this nightmarish quarantine camp regulation.

For more information about this case, as well as updates, please visit:


Find your Senator here – https://www.nysenate.gov/find-my-senator

Find your Assembly member here – https://www.nyassembly.gov/mem/search

Here is the contact information for Governor Kathy Hochul and Attorney General Letitia James:

Gov. Hochul office contact: Online contact form: https://www.governor.ny.gov/content/governor-contact-form Phone: 518-474-8390 Twitter: @GovKathyHochul Mailing address: The Honorable Kathy Hochul Governor of New York State NYS State Capitol Building Albany, NY 12224 

Attorney General Letitia James office contact: Phone: 212-416-8090 Twitter: @TishJames Email: public.integrity@ag.ny.gov Mailing address: Office of the Attorney General Public Integrity Bureau 28 Liberty Street, 15th Floor, New York, NY 1000


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