BREAKING NEWS — New York State Announces in Court they Intend to Drop Vaccine Mandate for all Healthcare Workers

Read news of NY State Dropping Health Care Worker Mandate HERE


Medical Professionals Fighting for the Right to Religious Exemption to Vaccination

May 24, Rally at 9:30am

Livestream it here: (case starts sometime after 10am, exact time is unclear)

M. Dolores Denman Courthouse
50 East Avenue
Rochester, NY 14604

Can’t make it to the courthouse?

Medical Professionals for Informed Consent v. Mary T. Bassett

Appellate Division – Fourth Department in Rochester, NY

Attorney Sujata Gibson backed by Children’s Health Defense will be arguing on behalf of Medical Professionals for Informed Consent.


We need a huge showing of support!

Healthcare professionals are set to rally outside of the courthouse at 9:30am. Important facts regarding the appeal

-Thousands of healthcare workers were fired over the mandate and denied exemptions. Both legitimate medical exemptions and deeply held religious beliefs have been denied with little to no explanation.

-Most of us lost health insurance, pensions and have drained our retirement to survive. Many have left the state to work in healthcare in other states. 

– Many of our positions are either still not filled or have been filled by traveling healthcare professional.

-staffing in every hospital is a critical problem in all of New York.

-Healthcare quality has declined, wait times are astronomical and patient satisfaction has plummeted. 

– vaccine mandates have been lifted for essentially all other professions but healthcare workers are still being denied basic human rights. 

This is a critical case and can set right what Governor Hochul made wrong when she banned all medical professionals from being able to apply for religious exemptions to vaccination.

3 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS — New York State Announces in Court they Intend to Drop Vaccine Mandate for all Healthcare Workers

  1. I appeal all vaccine mandates. Unconstitutional. Also totally against vaccines without parental consent


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