TAKE ACTION NOW! – Two Dangerous Vaccine Bills Pass Assembly Health Committee Vote in NY

Fight Back Against Minor Consent & Adult Vaccine Database Bills

by Michael Kane


For the first time New York parents will be completely cut out of knowing what vaccines are injected into their kids, if Assembly bill A276 becomes law.

On May 16 two dangerous bills related to vaccination were passed by the Assembly Health Committee. Those bills were A276, Minor Consent bill that allows children to get vaccines related to STD’s without parental knowledge or consent, and A7154, Mandatory Adult Vaccine Database bill. The bills still have many more rounds of voting to pass through if they hope to become a law, and must do so in the next 3 weeks before the legislative session in Albany NY comes to an end.

***Every New Yorker opposed to these bills must call their NY State Senator and Assemblyperson and ask them to OPPOSE THESE BILLS; especially A276 which takes away the right of parents to know what vaccines are injected into their children***

Find your Assembly person here: https://nyassembly.gov/mem/search/

Find your NY State Senator here: https://www.nysenate.gov/registration/nojs/form/start/find-my-senator

After you do that,,,

Then call and email Carl Heastie, Speaker of the Assembly

(518) 455-3791, (718) 654-6539, speaker@nyassembly.gov

Then call and email Andrea Stewart Cousins, Senate Majority Leader

(518) 455-2585, (914) 423-4031, scousins@nysenate.gov

Here are the top 4 reasons lawmakers must oppose the minor consent bill:

  1. This bill will violate federal law. CHD recently won a lawsuit in Washington DC striking down a minor consent law for precisely this reason.
  2. For the first time ever parents in New York will now have no say in what vaccines their children get.
  3. There are major safety concerns with the drugs and vaccines this bill allows them to give to minors without parental knowledge or consent. What if a child gets injured and the parent doesn’t know?
  4. The way this bill is written it is possible Midwives could have legal cover for giving the HEP-B vaccine to a baby on day one of birth and not tell the parents.

Here is a link that shows how each Assembly Health Committee member voted on the minor consent bill: https://nyassembly.gov/leg/?default_fld=&leg_video=&bn=A00276&term=&Summary=Y&Committee%26nbspVotes=Y (All Republicans and two Democrats voted against it)

The other bad bill moving forward is A7154, which would create a mandatory adult vaccine database. Here is a link that shows how each the Assembly Health Committee member voted on the adult database bill: https://nyassembly.gov/leg/?default_fld=&leg_video=&bn=a7154&term=&Summary=Y&Committee%26nbspVotes=Y (All Republicans and one Democrat voted against it)

You can also send this letter written from DOCTORS to LAWMAKERS in support of parental rights and medical freedom. It has over 1,500 signatures including Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Meryl Nass, Dr. Liz Mumper, and hundreds more! Download this pdf file here

There is a third bad bill that I won’t mention here. If you want to read an outstanding detailed report on all the bad and good bills read John Gilmore’s analysis by clicking here.

Children’s Health Defense published an outstanding report on the minor consent bill A276 you can read by clicking here

There are also many tweets circulating showing what happened in and around the Health Committee vote you can see here and here and here


On May 16 over 200 Medical Freedom Activists were present on the 8th floor of the Legislative Office Building scattered inside and outside of the conference room where the vote was held. The sergeant of arms was called on us as were state troopers simply because many of us walked into the conference room, which is ridiculous. It is a public building and a public room. WE own that room, the elected officials merely rent it.

An attempt was made to remove most of the activists from the room, but Rita Palma, Moe Oliver, Aura Moody, Jo Speaks Truth and Kozi refused to allow anyone to be removed. There was about 30 minutes of back and forth debate over the room capacity. Rita Palma said there was no capacity number posted anywhere in or outside of the room. She was then told it wasn’t an “exact number.” Palma asked to see the capacity policy in writing. As if it was some sort of comedy routine, the gentleman talking to Rita scribbled a few numbers on a piece of paper to show her.


Oddly enough they didn’t attempt to kick out any lobbyists, who were certainly present in the room. They didn’t kick out the dog either.

That’s right – you read that correct. There was a dog in the Committee Hearing room during the vote. I was told it was Assemblywoman Amy Paulin’s dog. Since she is the Chair of the committee I guess no one is going to ask her dog to leave.

We certainly made sure every elected official in that room felt our pressure. Outside in the hall we chanted “Protect Parental Rights” and “NO!” repeatedly forcing the door of the conference room to be shut.

Moe Oliver – who is an NYC teacher fired for declining covid vaccination – had the most heartbreaking comments of the entire day. To paraphrase, Oliver stated, “I can’t believe all of the Black women on this committee just voted to throw away parental rights.” Moe also noted there was not one Black man on the committee and, as a Black man himself, stated he was offended and deeply hurt to have witnessed what he considered to be a horrendous moment in Albany, NY.

Oliver spoke at the TIME FOR MEDICAL FREEDOM RALLY after the vote along with Albany lawmakers, prominent attorneys, Union Workers and parents. Watch the rally by clicking here.

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