TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Lawsuit Back in Court June 7, Staten Island

Attorney Sujata Gibson Backed by Children’s Health Defense

11:30am, Wednesday, June 7, in Room 420. 

Richmond Supreme Court

26 Central Avenue

Staten Island, NY 10301

DiCapua v. City of New York was scheduled to be back in NY State Supreme Court in Staten Island on June 2, but that has been rescheduled to June 7. TEACHERS FOR CHOICE is a named plaintiff in the case which is backed by Children’s Health Defense.

June 7 is a very exciting day because attorney Sujata Gibson will be seeking class certification – this means officially defining an impacted class that can apply to be part of the case. So if you were an educator in NYC fired for declining the covid shot and you do not a lawyer representing you, THIS DAY IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR YOU AND YOU NEED TO SHOW UP IN COURT!

Up until now, several proposed class action lawsuits have been filed, but this is the first time that oral arguments will be heard to formally attempt to certify a class. If the Judge certifies a class, all DOE employees who were denied religious accommodation to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate could potentially become members of this lawsuit. If you are able to come and show your support, please do. Attorney Gibson asks that everyone makes sure to be quiet and peaceful in the courtroom, so that the Judge can hear arguments without distraction.

Everyone needs to show up BIG in court on June 7!!!

3 thoughts on “TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Lawsuit Back in Court June 7, Staten Island

  1. My Religious Exemption was denied every time I requested it. I was taken off payroll and then forced to retired. Please help me. I want and need my job back.


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