NEWSDAY Covers our Jan 5 Peaceful Protest

Michael Kane Issues Challenge to NY Senator Brad Hoylman from Michael Kane 1-1-22 Just 5 days before our anti-mandate rally in Albany, NEWSDAY publishes a piece focused on the upcoming peaceful protest. Read the report at the following links: After quoting me and my position at some length, reporter Matthew Chayes quotes NY StateContinue reading “NEWSDAY Covers our Jan 5 Peaceful Protest”

De Blasio Gave Away Student DNA to Lab Linked to Chinese Gov – FULGENT GENETICS

TEACHERS FOR CHOICE 100% Vindicated in our first lawsuit by Michael Kane 12-10-21 If someone told you the mayor of New York City forced all school staff and students to give their DNA specimens to a laboratory with links to the Chinese government, you would think it was the plot of a bad B-movie. UnfortunatelyContinue reading “De Blasio Gave Away Student DNA to Lab Linked to Chinese Gov – FULGENT GENETICS”

SHOE DROP at UFT Headquarters

EDUCATORS WE NEED TO SUPPORT THESE PARENTS!!! Thursday, Dec 9th, 11 am UFT Headquarters 52 Broadway, Manhattan NYC Parents are going to UFT to “drop” the shoes of students who will be leaving NYC Schools if a COVID vaccine mandate happens


150 E. 42nd St, Manhattan, 12-4-21, 4pm Around the world most are happening at 12noon, but in NYC it is 4pm As bad as things are in New York, it’s nothing compared to the nightmare Austalia has devolved into. Look at all the rights the Australians have lost as they struggle against forced medical mandates:Continue reading “PROTEST AT NYC AUSTRALIAN CONSULATE”

Victory in 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals

Court Decision from 11-28-21 11-30-21 In front of a merits panel in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals for the case KANE vs DE BLASIO a 3-judge panel unanimously granted an injunction that allows for plaintiffs to reapply for a religious exemption to vaccination with the NYC DOE. Additionally the NYC DOE has agreed toContinue reading “Victory in 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals”

Download Flyers For NY UNIONS FOR CHOICE PROTEST in NYC 8-25-21 at CITY HALL

8-14-21 Here are two promotional flyers for our NY UNIONS FOR CHOICE AUGUST 25 PROTEST in NYC at CITY HALL, 4pm, where we will be fighting against Biden, Cuomo, de Blasio’s forced medical mandates to maintain employment. Use the JPG files to post online, use the PDF files to print and share *** August 25Continue reading “Download Flyers For NY UNIONS FOR CHOICE PROTEST in NYC 8-25-21 at CITY HALL”

TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Postponing National Forum Focusing on if it is Time to Leave Teachers Unions

Waiting till after meeting with Randi Weingarten and AFT 7-15-21 TEACHERS FOR CHOICE had previously announced we would be holding a national forum of educators in July asking if it is time to leave our unions. Educators from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, NYC and more were planning to virtually convene to share thoughts andContinue reading “TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Postponing National Forum Focusing on if it is Time to Leave Teachers Unions”

Eric Adams Wins NYC Democratic Primary for Mayor

by Michael Kane 7-7-21 Former Police Capatin Eric Adams has won the Democratic primary for mayor in NYC. Adams was one of 3 candidates TEACHERS FOR CHOICE recommended voters rank since he had publicly indicated he would not force teachers or students to get the COVID vaccine. TEACHERS FOR CHOICE congratulates Mr. Adams on thisContinue reading “Eric Adams Wins NYC Democratic Primary for Mayor”

Sussman Interview Back by Popular Demand 7-2-21 A few months ago I and TEACHERS FOR CHOICE attorney Michael Sussman were interviewed by Jason Goodman on Crowd Source the Truth. The interview has been pulled off of YouTube multiple times after being viewed tens of thousands of times. I’m done with Youtube! Jason Goodman was good enough to load the interviewContinue reading “Sussman Interview Back by Popular Demand”

YOUTUBE CENSORS Teachers For Choice Protest

6-14-21 YouTube has struck down the full video of the TEACHERS FOR CHOICE (TfC) protest on June 12, 2021 in front of United Federation of Teachers (UFT) headquarters. It got pulled down in less than 48 hours! The protest featured 11-year-old Jenna Miller who was kicked out of school on June 8th for refusing toContinue reading “YOUTUBE CENSORS Teachers For Choice Protest”