Michael Kane Interviews Randi Weingarten on NYC Teacher Vaccine Mandates

10-4-22 Watch interview here: https://live.childrenshealthdefense.org/shows/good-morning-chd/ducZn9n_Vz Today American Federation of Teachers (AFT) union president Randi Weingarten was interviewed by fired NYC school teacher Michael Kane on CHD TV’s morning broadcast Good Morning CHD. At the Labor Day Parade in NYC on September 10th Kane had confronted Weingarten and asked her questions about educators fired over vaccineContinue reading “Michael Kane Interviews Randi Weingarten on NYC Teacher Vaccine Mandates”

Poll shows 52% of NY says workers fired for declining covid shot should get jobs back

9-13-22 Last week PIX 11 reported that a significant majority of New Yorkers believe workers fired for declining covid vaccination should be rehired. The picture at the top of this report is a screenshot of the PIX 11 report itself. 52% of those polled said fired employees should get their jobs back, 30% said theyContinue reading “Poll shows 52% of NY says workers fired for declining covid shot should get jobs back”

Medical Mandate Survey for All NY Governor Candidates

Find out what the candidates say they will do about covid & medical mandates if elected 6-9-22 Children’s Health Defense NY Chapter has sent a survey on medical mandates to the majority of candidates running for Governor in New York. As we receive responses from candidates, we will be posting the PDF files here forContinue reading “Medical Mandate Survey for All NY Governor Candidates”

ATTORNEY PREDICTS VICTORY for NYC Workers Fighting in Court to Get Back Jobs Lost Over Covid Shot

6-7-22 “New York City is going to lose here in the end” When speaking of the cases Kane v. de Blasio, Keil v. NYC, and New Yorkers for Religious Liberty (NYFRL) v. NYC, Attorney Barry Black predicts victory for NYC workers in the cases! Attorney Sujata Gibson agrees with him. Here is the quote fromContinue reading “ATTORNEY PREDICTS VICTORY for NYC Workers Fighting in Court to Get Back Jobs Lost Over Covid Shot”

Democrat George Diaz is Against Covid Vaccine Mandates

Diaz is calling for all City Workers to be Rehired with Back Pay Running against Jeff Dinowitz in Bronx Democratic Primary 3-29-22 George Diaz is running against Jeff Dinowitz for his NY State Assembly seat in the Bronx. Many of you know Jeff Dinowitz has never met a vaccine he does not love and wantContinue reading “Democrat George Diaz is Against Covid Vaccine Mandates”

NEWSDAY Covers our Jan 5 Peaceful Protest

Michael Kane Issues Challenge to NY Senator Brad Hoylman from Michael Kane 1-1-22 Just 5 days before our anti-mandate rally in Albany, NEWSDAY publishes a piece focused on the upcoming peaceful protest. Read the report at the following links: https://www.newsday.com/long-island/vaccine-mandate-opponents-albany-bus-trip-1.50465146 After quoting me and my position at some length, reporter Matthew Chayes quotes NY StateContinue reading “NEWSDAY Covers our Jan 5 Peaceful Protest”

De Blasio Gave Away Student DNA to Lab Linked to Chinese Gov – FULGENT GENETICS

TEACHERS FOR CHOICE 100% Vindicated in our first lawsuit by Michael Kane 12-10-21 If someone told you the mayor of New York City forced all school staff and students to give their DNA specimens to a laboratory with links to the Chinese government, you would think it was the plot of a bad B-movie. UnfortunatelyContinue reading “De Blasio Gave Away Student DNA to Lab Linked to Chinese Gov – FULGENT GENETICS”

SHOE DROP at UFT Headquarters

EDUCATORS WE NEED TO SUPPORT THESE PARENTS!!! Thursday, Dec 9th, 11 am UFT Headquarters 52 Broadway, Manhattan NYC Parents are going to UFT to “drop” the shoes of students who will be leaving NYC Schools if a COVID vaccine mandate happens


150 E. 42nd St, Manhattan, 12-4-21, 4pm Around the world most are happening at 12noon, but in NYC it is 4pm As bad as things are in New York, it’s nothing compared to the nightmare Austalia has devolved into. Look at all the rights the Australians have lost as they struggle against forced medical mandates:Continue reading “PROTEST AT NYC AUSTRALIAN CONSULATE”

Victory in 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals

Court Decision from 11-28-21 11-30-21 In front of a merits panel in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals for the case KANE vs DE BLASIO a 3-judge panel unanimously granted an injunction that allows for plaintiffs to reapply for a religious exemption to vaccination with the NYC DOE. Additionally the NYC DOE has agreed toContinue reading “Victory in 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals”