Biometrics Coming to a New York School Near You

Will NY Teacher Unions Support This? by Michael Kane Research contribution from Danielle Tauriello 8-29-21 New York State is on a path to bring biometric identification and tracking systems into public and private school buildings as early as 2022. This includes facial recognition, retina scans, tracking devices, biometric digital identity, blockchain technology and much more.Continue reading “Biometrics Coming to a New York School Near You”

Uprising In France Over MEDICAL MANDATES

7-16-21 All across Twitter on Bastille Day video after video kept flying by my feed of thousands of people uprising in France in multiple cities. This comes just as London seems to have hundreds of thousands protesting in the streets every other week against forced vaccination and vaccine passports. Similar uprisings occurred in Greece asContinue reading “Uprising In France Over MEDICAL MANDATES”

TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Resolution Against All Vaccine and Health Passports

Resolution #2 This resolution has been passed by the NY TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Steering Committee,,  4-27-21 WHEREAS vaccine and health passports are increasing all across the globe for human beings to travel freely and participate in society; WHEREAS such passes or passports are guaranteed to create a new “privileged class” of citizenry, and thus a new “underContinue reading “TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Resolution Against All Vaccine and Health Passports”

Vaccine Passports are the New “Show Me Your Papers”

Vaccine Tracking is WORSE Than Forced Vaccination by Michael Kane 3-29-21 As New York becomes the first state to roll out a vaccine and COVID-testing passport called “Excelsior Pass,” the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) says no NYC teacher has to ‘tell their principal’ their vaccine status. However every day we go into work, theContinue reading “Vaccine Passports are the New “Show Me Your Papers””

Is Los Angeles Headed For Biometric Digital Student Passports?

by Michael Kane 2-25-21 Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) just announced a “student pass” with a QR code on technology designed by Microsoft. Make no mistake about this – QR codes are the first step towards a biometric digital student passport. Recently I wrote about how NYC is headed in this same direction. LooksContinue reading “Is Los Angeles Headed For Biometric Digital Student Passports?”

Is NYC Headed for Biometric Digital Student Passports?

Digital Identity and the ‘Gamification’ of Education by Michael Kane 2-1-21 Fulgent Genetics billionaire CEO and founder Ming Hsieh also founded Cogent Systems, a biometric identification company eventually acquired by 3M. Fulgent is one of the laboratories under contract with NYC Schools to conduct in-school COVID testing. The agreement governing this testing between Fulgent andContinue reading “Is NYC Headed for Biometric Digital Student Passports?”